Hello, this is Unicorn Support line, how may I help you?

(hint: this is an AMA thread)

(double hint: 1 favourite == 1 favourite song or tv show link)

Still my all time favourite Cat and Girl comic.

Visually impaired? catandgirl.com/cat-and-girl-do has the original comic and full transcript.

The terror of a blank DAW screen staring back at me :(

(Working with a reduced set of hardware this time around; in temporary studio space.)

Time to go find some inspiration.

30 Ways to Die from Electrocution...

...as depicted by a 1931 German book.


Here's four of the most striking to me.

old woman shaking fist at cloud Show more

row row fight the powah

(No Mans Sky screenshot)

"Good news! Kids have stopped trying to eat Tide Pods!"

"Shit, sales have gone down, what can we do now?"

"Hold my glass of wine..."


Yamaha SY99 synthesizer owners, listen up!

You can now get a true 8MB expansion board for your SY99 to max out sample memory from me. I'm calling it the Magic Memory Board.

Batch 1 (very limited quantities) will ship NEXT MONTH. Batch 2 will ship first quarter next yeasr.

Full details here: wohmart.com/sy99-mmb.html

Boosts very much appreciated :blobmiou:

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