as seen on reddit. transcribed:

> > > > I paint roads and runways... I'm at work right now... on my own holiday.
> > > Thank you for your service (gold x 2)
> > Yes, guild the guy who says thanks. Not the guy who does the work (gold x 1)
> This is the perfect metaphor for capitalism.

I bring you: the splayd, utensil of the future.

🍴 πŸ₯„

The drive needs new capacitors before the power supply will power up again.

These are some HUGE capacitors. They are NOT CHEAP to replace.

Here's photos of: the back of the drive, 2 of the caps that need replacing, and the main controller board in the transport itself.

For scale, the large round cap in picture #2 is about the size of one of the new, smaller cans of Diet Coke.

OK, time to get back to discussing weird electronics.

This is my PDP-11's 9 track tape transport. I have a stack of tapes that need to be read in.

It's a CDC model, and that front door hinges open to the left. It interfaces to the PDP-11 with an Emulex TC05, though I also have Dilog DQ132 (both QBUS) I could probably use.

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progress since this AM:

* lots of groceries and fake "cheeze"
* some additional wine procured
* some more cleanup on the schematic:

still working through the very last error check, before i move on to pcb layout

The schematic is ready to "rest."

I do this so I come back to the schematic later with a clear head to look for errors. If I look now, I'll undoubtedly overlook something critical and be upset when the $200 PCB order comes back all wrong.

I am schematic capturing in KiCAD.

It is tedious, but fun, since it is the culmination of weeks of work.

Here's the progress so far, intentionally blurry. :) I had to draw half these symbols myself...

This is my data capture rig for my Device Under Test (DUT).

These little Saleae Logic devices are worth their weight in metaphorical gold.

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