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These are Tigger, Lyla and Kia. They are rescue in Idaho that my friend drove 230 miles yesterday to pick up and move to a local no-kill shelter.

Please adopt cats as a home companion They can help you live longer. No joke!

damn, winter is harsh!

(real instruction manual for light therapy lamp)

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You know what feels awesome? Finishing up this project. All the boards are tested and working. After taking this picture, I wrapped them up, boxed them, printed mailing labels and taped up the boxes.

One trip to the post office tomorrow and it'll be done. \o/ Then I can go back to enjoying the holiday. (I'm off until next Monday.)

well, i WAS going to go solder some more, but then kitty happened.

so now I get to shitpost while having kitty on lap.

someone out there HAS to be making awesome memes with the video from this paper.

Maybe it'll be you?

Hello, this is Unicorn Support line, how may I help you?

(hint: this is an AMA thread)

(double hint: 1 favourite == 1 favourite song or tv show link)

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