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wohali @wohali@octodon.social

i printed a useful thing

it's a phone/tablet/book holder thing

model file: thingiverse.com/thing:692523

it shouldn't be ecru. grumble.

lovely sentiment from 1977

dealing with bigots and self-important jerks like

nsfw drawing Show more

I got lucky - the "broken, unknown state" oscilloscope I got off eBay that cost US $80,000 new only needed a $16 part replaced.

Feast your eyes on some pretty awesome screenshots. :blobpats: to the first person who knows and can explain the physics behind the first 2 pictures.

octodon.social/media/tvyw4eNnS octodon.social/media/t5o2yJJVg octodon.social/media/E3ACsEVbc octodon.social/media/Z4c7yL-N6

so awesome

Old Japanese engraving: "A woman cuts the hem of a kimono so as not to wake a cat."


a.d. 2082

Diskettes duplicated by Allenbach in 1983 will still be guaranteed. octodon.social/media/ZeOEw_jFd

bleep bloop

i made a nice machien that makes good sounds nao

trax soon


good things that happened today:

i finished building this neato synthesizer module. (It was almost done before I hurt myself yesterday.)

i had a nice hot bath.

i re-watched "Spirited Away" with someone who'd never seen it.

tomorrow is a day off and i will spend it all in the studio.


hello fwends

here is a picture of two of my neighbour's cats. the black one is a little prickly unless she's in heat. the orange one, he is yr best frend always.


I did it.

I'll blog more about how it went down (very well!) tomorrow.