I got lucky - the "broken, unknown state" oscilloscope I got off eBay that cost US $80,000 new only needed a $16 part replaced.

Feast your eyes on some pretty awesome screenshots. :blobpats: to the first person who knows and can explain the physics behind the first 2 pictures.

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@wohali Nice find!

I'm gonna guess that filters are involved. The first looks like you're looking at a signal that's passing through a multi-stage filter. Not sure about the second one.

@not_on_pizza Thanks!

Nope, no filters. The same signal is going to each input of the scope. Look at both 1 and 2 - the change is highlighted on the 2nd screen - and it might become clearer.

@wohali Hmm... you're adding those two humps together to get a bigger spikier hump?

@not_on_pizza you're on the right track...another hint: nothing changed in the _physical_ setup between the two screenshots.

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@wohali wow this looks much nicer than the (apparently better and newer) xp based lecroy we have at work

@MightyPork thanks! this was the ~last generation of VxWorks based scopes. ~96MHz PowerPC 603e. It's a joy to use so far.

@wohali ohhh they used VxWorks?? This is such a step backwards πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@MightyPork wait! i was wrong. mine is actually a proprietary OS. the next 2 revisions ran on VxWorks, then they switched to the Windows XP/7 embedded PCs they use now.

@wohali how responsive is it? The xp one likes to randomly pause and think things over and crap like that, as you'd expect on old widows

@MightyPork Haha, after changing specific settings it'll click a couple of relays and pause for ~1-1.5s or so. The user group jokingly calls this the "Walter LeCroy Memorial Second" :D

It's pretty good as long as you aren't crossing one of those boundaries.

FYI the story of them moving from the original custom OS to VxWorks (before moving to Windows):

@wohali I don't know what any of these are but I kinda want to embroider them

@wohali how much did it cost you offuv ebay? (I, have no idea what it all means but would love to find out :)

@Zoonie about $500 US. Spending that much on a new scope gets you about 10% of the bandwidth and 25% of the sample rate.

@wohali fantastic! It is ridiculous how few people know how to mend electronic products these days. Which makes for a good bargain :)

@wohali that's a nice thing to say, thank you! It's been my online icon since about 1997. I drew it along with a bunch of other icons for an 'online diary', hand-built in html 1.01! Heh.

@wohali ha ha! Fantastic. Hand drawn is So much better than just some gif or other

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