Oh man I think too slowly sometimes!

I’ve been focusing on very vintage hardware because it’s neat, and vaguely vintage hardware because it’s cheap and entirely ignoring emulators.

Midrange PCs from 2005 could do 10x DOS emulation in dosbox. Modern computers are a shit, but I, sure my chrome book can run the android version of dosbox or I can just stick the full version in a chroot.

I’ll start there. I’ll spend the next two or three days making my dos setup as baller as possible, see how much of my old favorite software is still around, write some user guides and reviews, and then get back on this hardware kick.

(The issue here is that I wanted an excuse to get s new computer more than I wanted the things I could do with that computer.

Doing the work on the real hardware will be way easier once I’ve done it in an emulator.)

@ajroach42 many of my favorite sources for DOS apps and games and resources are either offline or now very difficult to find.

I’m going to be starting my DOS software collection essentially from scratch. I’m sure that most of this code is still out in the world somewhere, but are there any good #DOS software resources you’re aware of?

@wohali that certainly gets the ball rolling.

Any favorites in all of that?

@ajroach42 I tried to list them in order of most valuable to least valuable, so start from the top down. :)

@wohali thanks! This will be a big help.

Any particular games or software you think are worth a shoutout?

I’m always on the lookout for titles I might otherwise overlook.

@ajroach42 I mean, it really depends on what you want to do...

Dos Navigator (if you don't have a Norton Commander copy) is here. ritlabs.com/en/products/dn/

How about DESQview/X for X-windows in DOS? vetusware.com/download/DESQvie

Do you need to solve symbolic or numeric math problems? DERIVE is AMAZING. I *still* use this from DOSBox. All in under 600K. vetusware.com/download/Derive%

How about a professional-grade disassembler? vetusware.com/download/IDA/?id

@wohali @ajroach42 oh, and also for non-game software, check out winworldpc.com/ (disclaimer: I help run the place)

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