1978-82: "The HP 250 was designed to be a user-installable, multi-user system. It ran BASIC system software and could support up to 10 users. The original 250 came with an expansive cabinet that included a keyboard built in to the desktop and a terminal monitor that could slide along the desktop and swivel. The 250 came standard with 32K RAM expandable to 64K, dual eight inch floppy drives, HP-IB interface and a 2631A printer"




@EdS @wohali Is it just me or is that floppy being held wrong and is it going into a paper tray that it shouldn't?

@craigmaloney @EdS @wohali

from other pictures of the computer it looks like the floppy drives sit below this tray - and whilst it might not be unreasonable to keep a disk in there; I remember that you were taught to hold them the other way round and keep the disk in the paper sleeve (5,25" disks were still in common use when I was a teenager)

@wohali Ah! I've got a picture of one of those, but I didn't know what it was! photos.app.goo.gl/9xaHa4VfnfaK was taken at Bletchley computer museum in the UK a few years back.

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