@wohali oh right, my partner just read me this post, and added, "like all the rms stans who have been emailing people insults and threats??!"

what a bizarre case
but oh so human:

this is our principled leader is (was) most principled, therefore we are most principled, therefore everything we do is most principled.

there's this expectation that head is wrong but the lower level is redeemable; but at this point the leader is only a reflection of the people who need them

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whats your fav discords so i can join mute notifications and never interact with it again

"The FSF describes itself as an organization far more concerned with maintaining a part of history it holds dear—and attacking its perceived enemies, whether real or not—than with discovery, outreach, and mentorship to new faces in free software." arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/0

"The FSF getting ratio'd on Twitter" definitely was not on my 2021 bingo card

Happy Mardi Gras!

Down in New Orleans, they gettin' they snow tires on


buy shares in my dick and balls (laughing in insider trading)


why does no one get anything done? anything is possible all you need is to decrypt the ancient knowledge written by some drunk programmer twelve thousands days ago

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The history of Black British gardeners is one of resistance.

From the transatlantic slave trade to Kew Gardens and the Chelsea Flower Show, the long history of Black horticulturists can’t be forgotten. gal-dem.com/the-history-of-bla

#BlackBritishHistory #Gardening #BritishHistory

Have a sample meme from the 'witchy' section of our menu. 

Menu: mcmeme-enterprises.neocities.o
To order: !order '1-4' 'folder from menu'

eg. !order 1 Animal Crossing
Please allow a few minutes for a response.


I'll be done watching uspol coverage now, as I have seen the best of it, and it is this headline in this paper:


Liz Kershaw has just shared a listener's child-friendly explanation that being "up all night to get Lucky" was about Daft Punk searching for a missing cat, and that is definitely entering the headcanon now.

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