okay, a friend asked this elsewhere and I am curious now:

what's on top of your fridge?

Mosses and other bryophytes aren’t like vascular plants because they don’t have to be. That doesn’t mean they’re more primitive. The idea that they are “less evolved” is a gross misunderstanding of evolution. Most extant moss species are actually more recent than many vascular plants. Also, bryophyte-dominated landscapes, namely sphagnum bogs, sequester more carbon than all forests combined. Learn more about bryophytes and pervasive misconceptions:


"Even now, it feels sort of mind-boggling to watch a show where the central premise is 'a handsome white dude learns what it feels like to be other people.' It feels like a particularly relevant concept right now. "


Water is heavier than Butane beacuse Butane is a lighter fluid.

hello frenz

very very busy here but trying to get back into this stuff.


Full collection of Avasarala Chrisjen quotes from The Expanse here:


It’s #happySysAdminDay so instead of thanking myself for cleaning up a “DDOS-lite” and a spammer attack at work, I’m giving a shout out to @phessler and @pamela who keep the stuff that i enjoy up and running, and to the FreeBSD cluster admin team, who probably never get thanked for anything despite being a huge part of keeping the bytes that I use each dayonline and untampered with.


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