What are the rules of CORBA Kai?

COM does not exist in this dojo!

SOAP does not exist in this dojo!

REST does not exist in this dojo!

the victims of communism memorial foundation and radio free Asia want to make sure you know those aren't real Muslims, they're crisis actors

New post: fluffy rambles: A decaf coffee rant beesbuzz.biz/blog/11062-A-deca

#Coffee #Caffeine #Rant

Why do so many roasters seem to think that decaf coffee isn’t worth doing a good job on? The whole reason people drink decaf is because they like the flavor of coffee, but don’t want…

nsfw: language, content 

"I may be thirsty but getting fucked by git is not on my list"

stop using "master/slave" to describe your software relationships. instead, try alternatives like "dominant/submissive"

In like 25+ years of doing Business Online, i don't think i've ever seen a skeuomorphic ATM.

Until today.


:eyethink: :thaenkin:

silly vid, cat humour 

seen elsewhere, had to share.

we've been trying this for decades, and look where it's gotten us

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How come you can see right through Felix? 

Because he's a trans parent

boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

y'all, this is WILD. a Turkish Farmville clone mobile game was a massive scam, involving shell companies in tax shelters, the founder taking the money and fleeing to South America, and REAL ACTUAL FARMS.

the purported business model doesn't seem quite clear from the article, but with a Ponzi scheme I guess that's kind of the point

CW: suicide description at start

#ÇiftlikBank #Turkey #gameing #grifteing #news 🐘

The weather gods are still angry with me. Every time I wear a skirt, it rains.

> Hazards:
> 90 km/h wind gusts
> Up to nickel size hail


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