MongoDB rewrote their Jepsen page, but it still goes to great lengths to avoid talking about write loss or aborted reads, both of which are the default behavior:

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The new errors that come out of clojure.spec during compilation remain... incomprehensibly bad. This nonsense came out of a missing binding symbol in a try expression:

You can still get my album here:

If you would like the album, but cannot afford it, send me a private message and I'll send you an access code.


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Hey everyone - thanks to you, Second Harvest Canada is now **$250** richer purely from proceeds on my album, Variety Show!

I am so glad to pass this money on to people who can't feed themselves in this time of crisis.

:purple_sparkling_heart: :blobheartcat:

It's bandcamp day, when 100% of the proceeds go to the artist.

100% of my proceeds today will go to a local food bank.

merci beaucoup!


covid, social distancing, shitpost, subject: bigots and their ilk 

Practice social distancing! Keep at least six feet between yoursel(ves) and bigots, as well as LGBTIQA+ phobes of all varieties, at all times

rms, snark, IRC 

I think you'll find that what some are calling harassment is actually GNU/harassment...

i suffered, now you must too; food 

There is such a thing as Doritos consommΓ©.

vaguely suggestive (++) 

hello, i am a girl in a tub full of hot water.

ask me anything.


affordable housing, tech, news (--)

This is my surprised face 😢

"helping" by giving people more money to buy a house...will just drive prices UP.

But of course it also won't make them enemies of the locals who just want more money and more elitism without all that guilt!

Meanwhile, Cupertino is currently fighting the construction of 2,4000 homes, of which 50% are affordable, in court.

Any proposal at this point that doesn't increase supply of housing is useless.

professional photo of me, eye contact 

Hey, I just found this.

This picture was taken of me at ApacheCon US 2019 (Las Vegas, NV) on September 11th.

Projected over me is Erlang source code from Apache CouchDB, some of which I've written.

Photo is CC BY-NC-SA by Peter Adams Photography.


I know this isn't true, but learning a language with gendered nouns in 2019 feels a little like buying a new piece of electronics when you know the new model will be announced next month

The fallacy of techno-solutionism 

This presentation was fantastic. It's great to hear someone talking about the things I've complained about until I'm blue in the face...and no one seems to care about.

This is the talk I live-tooted about two weeks ago, it's finally online as of a few days ago.

Nanjala Nyabola - Where Do Broken Rights Go?

Tech is creating human rights challenges, and making it more expensive to be poor. Fight back, damn it!

tech, security, everything is horrible (-) 

Apparently you can fake out Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant by shining a laser at the microphone and injecting audio from as far away as 110m, making them do things they probably shouldn't be able to do.


freebsd, zfs, neato 

really cool ZFS command on FreeBSD:

# gstat -po

real-time load on each device in your pools.

found me some really unbalanced drives in the array...

When you would "degauss" an old CRT monitor, it was the act of expelling the ghost of Carl Friedrich Gauss from it.

The Expanse 

Hey @Zero_Democracy have you read the books? I'm just getting into book 6 now, and boy howdy does the political stuff take primacy late in book 5.

wondering if this will ever hit the small screen.

tech snipe, browser wars 

shared on with me as "the evolution of Microsoft web browsers"

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