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i suffered, now you must too; food 

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"the boomer trolley problem" 

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I know this isn't true, but learning a language with gendered nouns in 2019 feels a little like buying a new piece of electronics when you know the new model will be announced next month

The fallacy of techno-solutionism 

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When you would "degauss" an old CRT monitor, it was the act of expelling the ghost of Carl Friedrich Gauss from it.

The Expanse 

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Being non-binary doesn’t mean looking androgynous!

Non-binary people who don’t look androgynous are just as valid as those who don’t!


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Normalize quitting things. It could be school, work, relationships, hobbies, or pretty much anything.

Quitting is often thought of as inherently negative; nobody wants to be called a "quitter". But there are plenty of situations where not only is it reasonable, it's the *best* course of action.

You can drop out college or switch majors when you don't care about the thing you're studying. You can end a relationship when it becomes toxic. You can stop playing a game that you don't enjoy.

can't stop being cold and dizzy.

gonna try a bath

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