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hi everyone :)

I Seem To Have Kicked My Social Media Addiction.

It feels great.

I'll be around from time to time, but wayyyy less often.

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I am back! With a very important announcement!





did u know boobytrap backwards is partyboob

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not sure I ever did an actually

I'm a living-type person with one foot in my job (open source, , ), one foot in (analogue design, synthesizers, etc.), another in (currently participating in A Whale's Lantern) and another in relaxing stuff ( ).

Oops, that makes me a quadruped :eyethink: Well, you get the idea.

My timeline is mostly politics free and inclusive. Come here to . Look forward to meeting you!

A couple of friends of mine have recently been experimenting with mentioning CALLIGRAPHY PENS a lot around their laptops with browsers open on Facebook.

They don't talk about this otherwise, in any form or medium. Sure enough, they're getting calligraphy related FB adverts now.

There's no way big ad-based companies aren't helping themselves to data from your mic. Your phone and laptop are listening devices. For most of us, this will never have serious ramifications, but still, act accordingly.

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I still use IRC every single day and will for years to come. It has incredible longevity and I love it a lot. thanks to all the people who've kept one of few truly open protocols where a normal human can feasibly write a client alive.

its so sad google+ couldnt afford to run their instance anymore

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I have my phone set to both English and French and when I tried to say mieux (better) one of the suggestions was m'linux


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tired: framework-specific clis with emoji beers and custom non-getopt command languages

wired: use the arrow keys!!!

(he was being sarcastic.)

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