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say goodbye to celebrity, except for @TommyWiseau . no one here is famous enough that you have heard of them unless you are a nerd. you cannot bully the government on fedi, unless it is @Nicolas_Maduro . those cringe takes you want so bad to dunk on? forget them. they are meaningless. mute, block, report, move on. use #fediblock to report bad behavior widely

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New people to the #fediverse, particularly those who are academics or journalists:

know that unlike Twitter, almost all people here *do not* consent to having their posts quoted without prior permission.

Do not scrap a bunch of posts, or re-embed them in articles, without getting consent.

A lot of my friends on Twitter seem to have a deep hatred of Mastodon, and I'm trying to figure out why. I can certainly understand just not wanting to use Mastodon, Lord knows, I'm here very rarely myself, but I don't understand the vitriol against it.


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