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If you would like the album, but cannot afford it, send me a private message and I'll send you an access code.


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Hey everyone - thanks to you, Second Harvest Canada is now **$250** richer purely from proceeds on my album, Variety Show!

I am so glad to pass this money on to people who can't feed themselves in this time of crisis.

:purple_sparkling_heart: :blobheartcat:

It's bandcamp day, when 100% of the proceeds go to the artist.

100% of my proceeds today will go to a local food bank.

merci beaucoup!


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i suffered, now you must too; food 

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I know this isn't true, but learning a language with gendered nouns in 2019 feels a little like buying a new piece of electronics when you know the new model will be announced next month

The fallacy of techno-solutionism 

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When you would "degauss" an old CRT monitor, it was the act of expelling the ghost of Carl Friedrich Gauss from it.

The Expanse 

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Being non-binary doesn’t mean looking androgynous!

Non-binary people who don’t look androgynous are just as valid as those who don’t!


stupid computer joke 

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