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a.d. 2082

Diskettes duplicated by Allenbach in 1983 will still be guaranteed. octodon.social/media/ZeOEw_jFd

bleep bloop

i made a nice machien that makes good sounds nao

trax soon


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broke: having passionate opinions about operating systems

woke: thinking computers are just bad in general actually

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I can't help but feel very suspiscious when someone brings up blockchains in a conversation about decentralization. I just don't really buy into it at all. Social applications on top of Ethereum? Yeah, love to ruin the planet with proof of work algorithms just to post a cat gif.

I have a whole bunch of pictures of how that module works, but it's sufficiently oddball that I think I'll blog about it once I have a track recorded with it.

good things that happened today:

i finished building this neato synthesizer module. (It was almost done before I hurt myself yesterday.)

i had a nice hot bath.

i re-watched "Spirited Away" with someone who'd never seen it.

tomorrow is a day off and i will spend it all in the studio.


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If I could do one thing with a time machine, I'd kill Hitler. If I could do two things with a time machine, I'd kill Hitler, and send a VHS tape with "Steamed Hams but it's All-Star" back to my 14 year-old self in 1999.


i am so tired, being sick takes so much out of you

at least i got some noodles and broth in me.

being ill sucks for productivity and creativity.

hopefully i can get into the music studio tomorrow and make some great music.

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"The Dumbest Timeline" penny-arcade.com/news/post/201

The observation that "trolls are the new punk" is a good one. Doesn't make me happy, but it's a good one.

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The A record tells you where your site is
The AAAA record does the same but louder

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Introducting the ohnotarizer, a program for making webcomic name fan comics, now available for Windows starsoft.itch.io/ohno

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Anyone remember a print video game ad from the 80s (possibly Dani Bunten / Ozark Softscape) that included the slogan "Don't play with yourself?"

I could have sworn it was for M.U.L.E. or Modem Wars, but I can't find it anywhere.