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Yamaha SY99 synthesizer owners, listen up!

You can now get a true 8MB expansion board for your SY99 to max out sample memory from me. I'm calling it the Magic Memory Board.

Batch 1 (very limited quantities) will ship NEXT MONTH. Batch 2 will ship first quarter next yeasr.

Full details here:

Boosts very much appreciated :blobmiou:

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I am back! With a very important announcement!





did u know boobytrap backwards is partyboob

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not sure I ever did an actually

I'm a living-type person with one foot in my job (open source, , ), one foot in (analogue design, synthesizers, etc.), another in (currently participating in A Whale's Lantern) and another in relaxing stuff ( ).

Oops, that makes me a quadruped :eyethink: Well, you get the idea.

My timeline is mostly politics free and inclusive. Come here to . Look forward to meeting you!

He was also a virulent racist. I'm not endorsing the man. It's just notable news for people in infosec and related fields.

I feel lost in the fediverse right now... stream isn't full of nasty, corporate, and politics like it was on birbsite

...but it's also full of a lot of people whose experiences I find it hard to relate to

...and a few shitposters

..and not much real connection between people anymore, at least, not like it was when I first joined.

what changed? is this just what happens when a place becomes popular?

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love to get email

> Subject: Laptop not charging unless connected to the charger

someone out there HAS to be making awesome memes with the video from this paper.

Maybe it'll be you?

@wohali Twenty years ago we had "baby it's cold outside". Now we have no more babies, no more cold, and no more outside.

> Word processor pioneer dies aged 93

Evelyn Berezin put the Data Secretary on sale in 1971, creating a new industry.

"twenty years from now, kids listening to "Baby it's cold outside" are gonna find it really, really weird. We're gonna have to explain that it has to be understood in the context of its time.

"You see, it used to get cold outside."

for you space fans:

This is huge. Their CubeSats were able to be reconfigured into different array architectures on command, which allowed them to survey the sky individually, then work together once they saw the signs of a nova happening.

Fantastic science.

the sonic movie will still be better than ready player one

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So Google says it is a reality that gender bias exists, and because it exists, we are able to train machines to learn it, and that they are taking steps to correct this in the algorithm.

Just like how people also pick up cultural norms and think it's the proper way to frame reality.

Nice that they're stepping in.

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