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not sure I ever did an actually

I'm a living-type person with one foot in my job (open source, , ), one foot in (analogue design, synthesizers, etc.), another in (currently participating in A Whale's Lantern) and another in relaxing stuff ( ).

Oops, that makes me a quadruped :eyethink: Well, you get the idea.

My timeline is mostly politics free and inclusive. Come here to . Look forward to meeting you!

I don't want to work for ANY of these companies. Less now that I've read this.


What a cute exception ghost.

sorry if i'm missing out on some of your toots

life is hard the past 21 days

and my timeline has gotten busier

going to have to make some lists to keep up with the quiet ones of you lot

<3 stay strong and love each other

Rest In Peace, Carl Kasell, to me "the voice of NPR" for at least a generation.

If you won on _Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me_, you could get Carl's recording as your outgoing message on your answering machine.

Here's some of the ones he recorded. npr.org/2009/07/26/111036549/m

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the jorts, as they say, have been fucking activated

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Friends of the ocean! I'm very happy to announce the artist pairs that have contributed songs to the next edition of our #MusicCollab project, to be released on April 29:

@arnaudj & @hairylarry
@er1n & @estebanm
@fireh9lly & @viTekiM
@y6nH & @masu
@JubalBarca & Michael Silverstone
@js0000 & @wohali
@dogtrax & @luka
@sixohsix & @safertohatethem

The songs are super diverse and beautiful, and I'm very excited to share them with you soon!


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Ooh, Shout Factory is doing an Ultraman Leo marathon starting Wednesday afternoon, 3PM PT, on their Twitch channel. (US/Canada only!)

@bunnyhero will want to catch this one :D

Then they are doing all of Home Movies starting the 26th.

twitch.tv/shoutfactorytv is the channel link.

My favourite (and only!) MMORPG, , is sponsoring a fan-art "Tyrian Tarot" deck that has hit its funding target.


Beautiful artwork, don't you think?

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Interesting times. I'm starting to see bits and pieces of Twitter-style spam on here.

Advocates for the federated model believe the improved moderator/user ratio will keep things from getting out of hand. I'm on the fence.

Until now, the lack of spam has been mostly a result of this being a niche, obscure, tiny part of the Internet. Spamming it wasn't worth the effort.

As the Fediverse grows, theories will be tested! Fingers crossed.

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Reading through this blog post by @dogtrax reminds me how many awesome musicians I've met and discovered since I started @awhaleslantern last year and how amazed I am that people actually signed up (twice!) for this little project. ๐Ÿ’™


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