Photography Project Week 40: Autumn/ Fall

Next Week: Night

...and a bunch of "real" butterflies from the weekend - partly the reason the project pic was late again, I just need time to sort through so many pictures... So have the butterflies as my excuse!

Photography Project Week 34: butterfly*

This week: knife

* ok ok, this will probably become the moth mimas tiliae, but moths are as beautiful and as useful as butterflies

I would love to do a weekly project in 21. Except now my motivation is low. Some motives are out of my control and I just do not like to improvise something when I could have done so much better.

So first proposal: weeks may be switched (or are in a pool)
Counterargument: learning is best by tackling hard problems

Second proposal: abstract themes
Counterargument: usually I try to document the mood or feel that is already there and not the other way around

Your thoughts?

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