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In 2012 and 2013 I did a photography project where I had to capture a picture each week according to a given theme.

I restarted another in 2020 and you are kindly invited, if you wish so. DM me if you want reminders at the beginning of each week.

Photography project week 13:

this week: pastel
(yes, late again, but getting there!)

Photography Project Week 12: shoe(s)

This week (I am late with the sharing): square

Photography Project Week 8: Wizard

This week: Humour

E: sorry, for a minute I forgot it's Monday already

Woche / Week 06 Nachstellung eines andern Bildes / Imitation of another picture
Original: Öl auf Leinwand 30 x 30 cm – Bücher mit Apfel – Spachteltechnik
@wintersun @faddi

Photography Project Week 6: imitation of another picture

Next week: red

Photography Project Week 5: special numbers -> it's leet time!

Next week: imitation of another picture

Photography Project Week 4: Winter

Next week (or rather this week since I'm late with the sharing): special numbers

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