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In 2012 and 2013 I did a photography project where I had to capture a picture each week according to a given theme.

I restarted another in 2020 and you are kindly invited, if you wish so. DM me if you want reminders at the beginning of each week.

Photography Project Week 26: sprite*

Next week: pot**

* ok, I cheated, but I found no elves ;)

...and a small greeting from Sunday's evening sun. Have a nice Monday evening/ night :)

All help desk ‘Your ticket has been closed’ emails should have a ‘Thank you’ link. Even if it does absolutely nothing. Not being able to say thank you is making my bones itch.

Stay secure, use encryption. Tutanota makes sure that your entire mailbox, calendar and contacts are encrypted. Check it out:

...and just because, some other sweet thing from last week: my inofficial birthday picture :)

Photography Project Extra Picture: a low setting sun from last week as a small compensation for that picture for last week...

Photography Project Week 19: (no) crane (sorry, just none here and no travels now, but at least got the next best thing with the tractor and its versatile arm)

This week: potato(es)

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