You find yourself on a crowded market in front of a stand with colorful fruits. The merchant offers you two round fruits—one orange and the other one purple. She looks a bit sceptical at you and you sense some impatience in her. After you hesitate a bit longer, the heavily muscled shirtless man from the other side of the stand approaches. He looks at you in a way that makes it clear you have to decide immediately. What do you want to do?

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You take the purple fruit from the merchant. Then you watch her mouth move as you hear some very unfamiliar sounds. You move your arms in a way that you hope is universal for "I have no clue what you are saying". What follows are some squeaking sounds that your optimistic part interprets as laughter. She points at your belt. With a suboptimal gut feeling, you hand it to her. The merchant seems to be satisfied with your deal as she turns to another customer. You decide to…

You approach another market stand that sells colorful cloths. Just as you step in front of the merchant and glance over the uniquely shaped garments, he looks at the purple fruit in your hand and starts to yell at you. Merchants from the neighboring stands join the protest frantically waving with their arms. You decide that it's time to leave the market, turn around and enter a small street. The merchants don't follow you. In a safe distance, you stop and look at the fruit.

Cracks form on the surface of the purple fruit and suddenly a tiny limb with claws reaches out of the egg. It briefly touches your hand then widens the shell. You can hear a faint cheep from inside the egg before a second claw breaks the shell apart. A hairless, purple face with big eyes looks at you. The tiny body attached to it has four limps and a thorny tail. You have never seen such a creature before. It weasels out of the broken egg shells and climbs nimbly on your arm.

You slide the purple creature into your pocket and hurry back to the market stand where you bought the egg. Of course you find it empty. The merchant and the shirtless man are gone and not a single colorful fruit (presumably egg) is left.

As soon as the other merchants recognize you, they start to yell at you. Some of them draw weapons and come closer.

The pocket monster curls nervously. It seems to sense the tension. You make sure it is completely covered by your clothes.

You step towards the angry crowd and form a T with your arms. In your opinion this is the commonly used gesture for "Look – I have no clue what I'm doing but also don't have weapons in my hands." You also repeatedly ask the merchants what's going on. After a while you realize that you still don't speak their language.

You dodge a merchant's club and hit the person's chest with your fist. They wear armor. Your fist hurts now.

It seems wise to run away. You turn around and…

...turn around again, running into the group of merchants as fast as you can. They are seemingly surprised by your unconventional reaction. Before they fully switched back to conscious decision making, you turn left passing a few empty market stands. You grab a colorful... towel?... and turn right and left a few times to confuse your followers.

After you are so confused where you are that you believe the merchants must be as well, you run into a street unknown to you.

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