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@daniel_bohrer That I can understand (... while reading the post). :-D

@daniel_bohrer Let me rephrase: I wonder what made you compare the speed of yes. ;-)

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@orbifx With every release I'm surprised how fast we move (not always positively surprised 😄 ). My impression is that before we introduce new dependencies much discussion is happening. At least in the frontend we even try to iteratively reduce dependencies. See for example our meta issue about jQuery:

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- Problem
- mehrere Stunden suchen
- alte Google-Groups finden
- veraltete Lösungen und tote Links durchgucken
- verzweifeln
- andere Suchbegriffe nutzen
- Feature Request finden
- eigenen Kommentar lesen

@orbifx The reason we introduced Yarn a few months ago was that npm had no option to lock dependencies and things got broken on some installs. If you would like to take part in the discussion, please have a look at

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With self driving cars becoming more popular it's just a matter of time before country songs include their truck leaving them too

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@daniel_bohrer Ein Geldbörsengeschäft kaufen ist noch metaer!

I'm a bit too lazy to look into OAuth for the API though. If anybody wants to give me a quick start that would be awesome!

I hacked together a bit of logic. Now all you need to do is to follow the links on to find the merge requests.

Sometimes my brain makes fun of me.

Mailserver von Google geblockt, weil Wordpress in Benachrichtigungsemails über zu moderierende Kommentare den Inhalt der Spamkommentare mitschickte...

@daniel_bohrer @ShowerThoughts

While his enemies might call him