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its the year 2050. for 10 years your retinal implant has been blinking 12:00 because the company decided to stop supporting it

Also, @TQ, feel free to ask me questions about Git if you have any. I often get the impression that I'm still far from expert but at least I have been using Git for almost 10 years now. 😄

@rixx @TQ
I don't agree that the user interface is horrible (it was in earlier versions though 😉). I think many commands or options just only make sense after understanding some of the internals of Git. For example that the ID of a commit changes during rebase makes perfect sense, yet it is very confusing in the beginning (or so it was for me).

I don't remember watching the Freestyler music video ever. So now seems to be the time for coping my childhood negligences.

I feel old...

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instance idea:
has 140 char limit, faves are called likes and look like a heart, accent colors are light blue, but it's still Mastodon and federates and hence is superior to the original

Behilfte zu § 266a StGB (also § 27 und § 49 StGB)

TIL: Scheinselbstständigkeit ist strafbar – auch für den Arbeitnehmer. Anklagen sind wohl ungewöhnlich, maximales Strafmaß aber bis zu 3 Jahre Freiheitsstrafe. 😟

@daniel_bohrer Somewhere over the rainbow!

@daniel_bohrer Yes, this is really getting #silly!

Percy Jackson & the Woollypiams

Mastodon on the Orient Express

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