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You find yourself on a crowded market in front of a stand with colorful fruits. The merchant offers you two round fruits—one orange and the other one purple. She looks a bit sceptical at you and you sense some impatience in her. After you hesitate a bit longer, the heavily muscled shirtless man from the other side of the stand approaches. He looks at you in a way that makes it clear you have to decide immediately. What do you want to do?

Zur Frage der Zukunft des Geldes hier ein Schreibwettbewerb und die daraus resultierenden Werke

Was fehlt einem Programmierer, der schlecht Aufwand schätzen kann?


What's the ettiquette with deadnames in source code?

If someone added their "copyright $year $deadname" to something, do I just go and change that to their name?

I'm assuming I can't just remove it?

This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own


🏆 40 jam games of the year 2020
🥳 40 honorable mentions
📜 8 categories
📽️ 1 compilation video
🕹️ #indiedev #gamedev

>> Link to our #GOTY2020 list:


Rituel d'invocation du dieu Argent, la nouvelle façon de payer

"Wie groß möchten Sie Ihre Wackelaugen?"
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Dinosaur-themed demolition excavator operated by NorthStar working on @yalepeabody renovations.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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Hallo! Du
* hast vor mind. 4 Monaten #Covid überstanden (PCR bestätigt)
* bist zwischen 45 und 75 Jahre alt,
* wohnst in oder um #Hamburg und
* möchtest helfen, #PostCovid zu untersuchen?
Dann melde Dich unter
Das UKE sucht 500 TN für eine Studie!

pls RT

Ein paar Handy-Schnappschüsse von der Neujahrsrunde. Ist es nicht toll, wenn mal keine stinkende Smog-Glocke über der Gegend hängt, wenn das Jahr mit strahlender Sonne und klarer Luft beginnt?

I just stumbled upon this artist and they're work is amazing!
Paul Lewin:
A lot of their work has this very cool afrofuturist tones to it. It reminds me a bit of Joshua May's work (


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