I'm going to be offline for a while. Nothing important.

Thanks for asking !

@windmills okay, I wish you well, hopefully see you later :)

@windmills Sending you some greetings, hope you're well!

Hi @Virelai. Thanks for the greetings. I'm fine, and better than a few months ago. Everything seems to be working out fine. And you? How is your french going?

@windmills that's good to hear <3 my life os going okay - work is a bit annoying but otherwise good! French isn't great, I try to do some vocabulary still, but much less in numbers and I don't manage a lot of days. The boy and are slowly forming some holiday plans for next year to go to France again, I guess that will be a motivator once those plans get more concrete. :)

Yay! You are going to have the opportunity to practice at least!

I quitted, and now I think I'm going to continue with japanese. I love the symbols and my brothers are learning it too.

Also, I met a girl and we are seen where it takes us, but looks like I'll be quitting Tinder and such for some time 😉

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