@valdecast I will come back to this tomorrow, I have to go now. Goodnight!

I did not know this manga, it looks interesting, thanks!

@Eidon Japanese has many homonyms, so many kanji can be pronounced "hi" (my dictionary lists about 30). In terms of etymology, 日 and 火 are not related, they go back to different pictograms.


@Eidon My view is that it is more a Zeitgeist than an individual creator. The fact that I could guess the era of the book from the picture you posted points in that direction.
Similar, in the 70s we had more and more anthropomorphic robots, in the 80s we had Blade Runner, but do you remember Leloup's "The archangels of Vinea"? That's from 1983, and he's nicely blurring the line between androids and humans. And in the 90s GitS was not alone in questioning what it is to be human either.

@valdecast No problem. If you like, I can correct you every now and then, it may help you with your learning.

@Eidon He was clearly quite visionary! His drawing style reminds me of something but I can't quite place it at the moment. It seems more European than American, and I remember I had an old collection of Spirou which had drawings in a similar style, but I forgot what it was or who the author was.

@Eidon Indeed, which takes the question of what it means to be human to another level. That is why the puppet references in "Innocence" are so deep. The puppet is not human, but a puppeteer can infuse it with life, give it the illusion of being alive.

@Eidon Ah, I see, 鉄腕アトム is Astro Boy. That title rings a bell, I believe it's quite famous. 鉄腕 is an interesting word as it means "Strong arm", but literally "Iron arm", so very apt.

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“You’re familiar with the P = NP problem, right?” Yukawa asked from behind him. Ishigami looked around. “You’re referring to the question of whether or not it is as easy to determine the accuracy of another person’s results as it is to solve the problem yourself—or, failing that, how the difference in difficulty compares. It’s one of the questions the Clay Mathematics Institute has offered a prize to solve.”
― Keigo Higashino, The Devotion of Suspect X

@valdecast I think I see what you mean, and I agree. Memorising formulas can be a help, but only if you understand the context.

The phrase "does it worth" is not correct English and the meaning is not clear to me. Do you mean ,"What is the value of mathematics", "What is a mathematics worth"? Or something else?

In fact, this kind of very old Flemish is hard to read for anyone. But that is for me part of its attraction. It reminds me of my dialect, and it's fun to try and work out the changes in spelling etc.


Short of asking me, no 😃
Officially Flemish is Dutch but in practice the dialects are *very* strong.
But a text like this, medieval Flemish or Dutch, will never work very well in machine translation as the corpus for training will always be small.

I am a bad person an I use Google translate sometimes. I gave it the first 4 verses, it gets a little less than half of the sentences. It's funny to see how it gets things wrong.

@valdecast It's true isn't it, they were both very clever and playing a very deep game. But I was a bit shocked when I found out what had happened. A life is a life, after all.

@valdecast I'm afraid I don't quite remember the details, it is a while ago since I read the book. What was it that made you laugh?

@inAktion Not at all, thank you for reacting! I am always a little bit sad with I post something and there is no reaction whatsoever. I understand why that happens, and I also don't always have the energy or will to react, and yet. But a single reaction makes all the difference!

@Anke I found it, it was the Incal animation. Thanks!

@Anke I only saw this one post from OpenCulture, what did I miss? I love Moebius!

@Eidon It has a 1950s feel, partly because of the drawing style and partly because of the atomic heart and the rockets. When did he draw this?

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