@Eidon @Eidon I'm not going to throw any stones since I made a new one recently too, on FediScience 😄

@fitheach I didn't, although I'd heard the name, "Devil's-bit scabious", I did not know it was this flower. I know most plants by their Dutch or Flemish name only. If I have the energy I look up the English name via the Latin name, but I didn't for this one. In Dutch it's "blauwe knoop", meaning "blue button".

I think this is Campanula rotundifolia (Scottish bluebell), they look more blue in reality than in this picture.

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@Eidon @Eidon Yet another Eidon split off. I marvel how you manage to keep so many going.

I also wonder why it is rarure and not rareru, but that is my Japanese grammar side ^_^;

some Japanese mastodon slang (1/2):

paoru パオる (from pao, 'toot'): to use masto (wider in usage than 'to toot')

paopao-sio: let's masto

paorā 'paorer': mastodonter, masto user

-pau: present progressive aspect; elephant version of Twitter -nau (<'now')

zōge 'tusk': lol (laugh = warai = w = looks like a bit of grass = kusa 'grass' (normal Internet slang) → looks like elephant tusks (Masto parody))

kiba-haeru 'to sprout tusks': similar play on kusa-haeru 'to sprout grass' (= wwww = laughs)

some Japanese mastodon slang (2/2):

JOJ: LOL but looks like elephant trunk
tori 'bird': Twitter user
tori-kusai 'reeking of bird': behaves like a bird
tori-kizoku 'Lord Bird': behaves like a bird, i.e. like they own the place
zōgo 'elephant language': what I’m listing here (rather than zokugo, 'slang')

#Japanese #mastodon

(source: 『マストドンつまみ食い日記』)

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Support the people in Lebanon 

[Questa è una lista stilata da amici libanesi per chi volesse donare aiuti senza rischiare che vadano nelle mani sbagliate.]


For anyone looking for ways to support people in Lebanon after the massive explosion, we have compiled a small list of organizations and groups working to support some of the most vulnerable communities living in the country, including local communities, migrant workers, and Palestinian and Syrian refugees. These groups all have a great record and are doing vital work. We encourage you not to donate to the Lebanese state who is responsible for this tragedy. We will try to update the list as we go forward.

Egna Legna Besidet እኛ ለኛ በስደት

Migrant Community Center

Al Naqab center


From yesterday's walk: a buzzard on an electricity pole. Pity I don't have a strong zoom.

> I was extruded on the age limit at the end of last term. In many ways a melancholy proceeding, especially financially. Though I have belonged to F.S.S.U. [university pension scheme] since it began in 1920, it does not provide enough for one to live on one's laurels (old and dusty as Christmas decorations in January). Without the assistance of 'Hobbits and all that' things would be meagre.

J.R.R. #Tolkien, some academic who would be unable to retire without getting lucky on a side gig

Paradise Apple.

This is part of a series of paintings about flowers, plants and weeds I see around the city I’m enamoured with. Ko-Fi folks have gotten to see more flowers, and the full version is available over at my print shop and on Ko-Fi!

Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/mjacek/gallery
Prints: inprnt.com/gallery/mandyjacek/
#art #mastoart #creativetoots

@22 Currently I've started to focus again on handwriting, and that is fun too, although it makes it painfully clear how many kanji I can read but not write. But that is the point of course, to show me what I'm lacking.

@22 No, I'm afraid I'm a rather haphazard learner. I lookup every word or kanji for which I don't know either the reading or the meaning, but I don't note it down. When you read a long novel, you start to notice that the author uses a certain vocabulary, so usually these words come back. But the main reason is that I am too lazy.

@22 Great to hear you're having fun with this!
After a bit of a break, yesterday I started on Yu Miri's Tokyo Ueno Station (JR上野駅公園口), paperback.

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