Thanks to @Eidon for finding Sinsy and patching the source code, and motivating me to do this kind of things.

The picture shows an old Japanese castle with a moon in the sky. The castle is a reconstruction on the site the original in Momoyama, Kyoto. It was built as a theme park but is now ruined.

The first time I heard this song was on the cover by The Scorpions on their live album “Tokyo Tapes”.

I post-processed the sinsy-generated audio file using Audacity. .

Koujou no Tsuki (荒城の月, “The Moon over the Ruined Castle”) is and old but popular Japanese song (from 1901).
I made a recording using the original score and lyrics. The voice you hear is sung by an open source singing voice synthesiser, Sinsy.

春高楼の 花の宴 
めぐる盃 かげさして
千代の松が枝 わけいでし
むかしの光 いまいづこ

秋陣営の 霜の色
鳴き行く雁の 数見せて
植うるつるぎに 照りそいし
むかしの光 いまいづこ

今荒城の 夜半の月
かわらぬ光 たがためぞ
垣にのこるは ただかつら
松に歌うは ただ嵐

天上影は かわらねど
栄枯は移る 世の姿
写さんとてか 今もなを
嗚呼荒城の 夜半の月

Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and went on a moorland walk for most of the day.
It was a nice day, the heather was in bloom, and there were clouds of flying ants. I saw many beautiful things, will post some pictures later.
Now I'm going to cook some nice food.

@fitheach Thanks! Never seen this before.
You missed an _ in my handle, so I didn't get the mention, but I saw it in my TL anyway.

For several years this hortensia grew in a pot on the balcony and produced beautiful blue flowers, and then it stopped flowering. It had become too big for its pot. So I planted it in a corner of our collective garden, not ideal for a hydrangea: not enough sun and too dry. For the first year it really struggled. This year however, I took extra care, watered it during the recent dry spell, and it's doing great.!

On my way to work this morning, in the little front garden of a tenement in , during a fleeting glimpse of sun. I love anemones.

Good morning! I am very much going to miss these sunrises when the office moves back to the city

@meena @rdh @benhamill @melunaka @Sylvhem
It's the same in Dutch, yesterday is gisteren, the day before that eergisteren, and you can say (but few people do) eer-eergisteren.
It works in the other direction to: tomorrow is morgen, then the day after that is overmorgen, and then (again, rarely) over-overmorgen.

@melunaka @Sylvhem OK. Linguistics Minute: Apparently "yester-" was originally Old English "geostran" (the g pronounced like modern y). It originally meant "the other day" so when OEers said "geostra dawg" they were saying "the other day day"???

Can anyone help with this? Needed security expert to help protect female journalists online who are being doxxing. This is related to #hongkong protests. This could be a paid job, please see attached image.

Please share.

#askthefedi #help #job #protest #security #china

@cafou @VoronoV I second that, it's a great series, a true classic.

@Eidon @gun51ing3r And it is actually correct: "eens" is genitive of een, so it means "of one", i.e. "of the same", so to be of the same opinion.

@Eidon Good morning! That's good news. That means I can share my input file and my script with you rather than the generated audio files. Then you can tweak the song as much as you like, because my version is far from perfect. Have a good day!

@Eidon What happens when you try to access the web site? It is strange that your provider would block it.
If you could access it, you could tune my input file and generate your own variants.
You can still do that with the free voice on your own computer of course, it is really not so bad.



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