It’s early September, and already autumn is in the air here in Scotland.

For their 2004 album "Ryūzetsuran" (竜舌蘭, “Agave”), GO!GO!7188 wrote the beautiful "Shoshuu" (初秋 Start of Autumn), a song about broken love.

I couldn't find the original on line so I’m uploading it here.

It is my pleasure to present the third work in my series, a of Mara (@mara_cav_)

Ghost drawing and details in red Derwent Inktense watercolour pencil; actual drawing in Conté Pierre Noire B/HB/2B; highlights in white chalk. For all the drawings in the series, the paper is the beautiful Khadi rag paper, A4, 320g/m2.

Apples from the two trees in our collective garden. There are 15 apartments but in our close nobody else wanted them. Lucky! 🍎🍎🍎

This very delicate flower is apparently called "Grass of Parnassus" and it's not a grass.

Last spring during a moor walk I dug out a divot which had some heather, blueberry and grass, and put it in a pot on the balcony. A tiny wilderness. The heather bloomed, the grass grew tal and the blueberry actually bore fruit, and now it has turned a fiery red.

It's the first day of September and autumn is coming: the leaves of my dwarf cherry tree are turning yellow.

Another view over Loch Lomond, this time along the Highland Boundary Fault line, marked by the islands in the Loch and Conic Hill on the far shore.

Heather-in-bloom overload, but don't worry, next one is the last one 🙂
I like the picture on the left because it shows the moor is not just and grass.

On the moor in the first part of the walk, these peacock butterflies were very hard to photograph as they rarely sat still.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep -- but the is even more lovely right now.

in bloom and conifers. This is a plantation so the planted trees get cut in large swathes. But sometimes other types grow spontaneously, and they are spared.

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