Sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee, reading Murakami. Bliss!
[pic shows a cafetiere, a blue mug, a pink saucer with a yellow
custard tart, and a glass of water, on a metal tray.]

Nice how the overall shape of the tree echoes the shape of its leaves.

I am quite far behind now with posting pictures, and the farther I get behind, the less I am inclined to post them. Nevertheless, here are some beautiful white cherry flowers.

The head of a giant crane. At night you can see the red light from kilometers away.

We had a few days of nice weather so I'm now already behind with posting of pictures. This one I took during my lunch break two days ago.

This is a fruit-bearing cherry tree. The little charm entwined in the blossoms is a "martenitsa", a Bulgarian custom.

And hawthorn, one of my favourite trees because it looks good in winter too with the red berries.

A few more green blossoms, I'm not sure what tree this is but it is very common. I think they look amazing in close-up.

I'll get back to posting more "conventional" blossoms, but these green maple blossoms are also very pretty.

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