@wim_v12e Kind of horrified to realize my first reaction to those messages was “yeah it’s true, we know already.”

@demonkind Sure. What intrigued me was who's behind this and why they put up these posters. You can only advertise on those kiosks when you pay.

So anyway, I worked it out, it's advertising for Netflix's "Black Mirror". Disappointing.

And I thought it was some awesome #adbusting. Great pictures though!

If you are one of those who put tape over your built-in #webcam, see to it that it is good solid tape. Try your cam after applying the tape and see if has a satisfying effect.

If you don't use your webcam, just remove or disconnect it (as well as built-in microphone and speakers). #tinfoil #tinfoilhat #paranoid

@tardigrader @rtsn Thanks you! I took these in Byres Road, in the West End of Glasgow (Scotland).

@rugk @tardigrader @rtsn Well, it's disappointing. I found out that this is an ad for Netflix's "Dark Mirror".

@wimv12e @rtsn @tardigrader LOL, okay, but at least something… Okay, people could not take it for real (but just for "in-film" story), but it is as far as I see meant to be "real quote" asa hook for the show.

@rugk @tardigrader @rtsn What I find funny is that this has been boosted about 50 times but only 2 people have asked me this.

OTOH, the branding is not obvious so I guess they do make people think. So I still like it.

@wim_v12e @rugk @tardigrader @rtsn I guess it's BLACK Mirror, which is awesome and relevant for our times.

@suetanvil Well, after I took them I found out that it is an ad for Netflix's "Black Mirror". So yes, you're right! 😃

@wimv12e@octodon.social I think it's adverts for the new Black Mirror, but it's also literally already true

@celesteh You're right, it's a Netflix ad. I couldn't see that when I took the picture, but I looked it up. Still, quite effective, esp. at night.

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