Please come join my team!

I have a fully funded Research Associate position available, for 30 months at the University of Glasgow, UK, pay scale £36,382 - £40,927.

Come work with me ( and Jose Cano Reyes ( on Morello-HAT, a project to develop high-level APIs and tooling for (, Arm's novel ( hardware capability platform which aims to revolutionise security through a novel hardware architecture.

The aim of the Morello-Hat project is to develop hardware capability APIs for use in Rust, Go and Dart so that developers can fully leverage the potential of hardware capabilities to secure their apps.

This position is full time and fixed term to 31st December 2024.

@wim_v12e very strange that something like this is being advertised on Mastodon. It makes me suspicious. Why advertise here and not in a proper scientific magazine that is more likely to be read by your peers instead?

@wim_v12e oh nothing spicifically I guess I was just just surprised to see jobs being advertised on mastodon, yet alone a job like this.

@mjwolfe Well, a lot of people need jobs, there is plenty of "looking for a job" posts in my timeline. And a lot of fedi people are programmers, and this job is programming, so I just thought I might share it. I am of course advertising it on the "official" platforms as well :-)

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