Tonight I made linguine with carrots and tofu skin knots in a very umami-rich sauce.

It's this recipe but with linguine instead of udon:

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@wim_v12e That looks great! :-)
but you assume a great deal about the nature of our 'normal' markets :-)
We have exotic things like... um kraft dinner and frosted flakes ;-)
Fermented bean paste... In our dreams maybe! :-)
Local 'chinese market' - we're lucky to have any market! :-)

@Gemlog You are right, if you don't live in a city then there would be no such shops. I assume you could buy on line though? Or do online shops not deliver where you live?

@wim_v12e Oh yes - there are the usual delivery channels of canada post, DHL/Loomis, FedEx, UPS... I do have to order various cables and parts online, as there is nothing left in town - the online stores out-competed the local brick and mortar by having to pay for neither. I refuse to give my meagre pennies to Mssrs. Bezos and Ma, so that doesn't leave much really. Its possible walmart has some things too, but I won't go there either. I deprive myself I suppose...

@Gemlog I never buy from the big ones either and in fact the only things I buy online at the moment are coffee, flour and other dry foods.

@Gemlog How about you tell me what you have an I propose a recipe (veggie of course)?

@wim_v12e This is a great idea! :-)
We'll see in about a week's time.

@wim_v12e Well, we had a 12.5L pot of turkey soup to get through since canuckian thanksgiving. Sadly the last ~2cm of it didn't make it just now :-(
Still some chili I promised to make to go yet though.
I took a glance in the fridge and then went off the top of my head (wim)
We don't eat badly in this house, we're just omnivores. However, rather than just by chance, we've decided to actually be sure to do 2 veg only days/ week to start, so good timing bud! :-)

@Gemlog Thanks for that list, that's a lot of nice ingredients. Do you have tomato puree? And what about seeds/nuts? Also, no pasta? Could you detail the spices a bit?

@wim_v12e tomato past is normally the only thing I buy in a can. I see some diced tomatoes in the back of the shelf though. Yes, I forgot dry noodles and pasta. I'm a good candidate for dentures soon, so not much in the way of nuts anymore of late sadly. Spices? IDK, normal ones... salt, pepper, cumin, cardamom, cayenne, tumeric, sage, cinnamon, thyme, mustard, coriander, cloves... you know, 'stuff' :-) What do you use else? We may have it and I just forgot to type it.

@Gemlog Great, you have many more herbs and spices than I have.

I asked about tomato puree because it is a good source of umami. This the only thing that I miss in your collection.
How about dried tomatoes and/or dried mushrooms?

I use seeds a lot: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame. You can grind them so it's not a problem if you have weak teeth.

@wim_v12e The spices are b/c I don't buy pre-made anything much, but esp. things like 'chili powder' or 'curry powder' and 'garam masala's when you can make your own and vary things a bit w/o weird preservative, de-clumpers and added nitr[a|i]tes. Embarrassed to admit I bought those things until I was like 30! Couldn't I make a puree out of paste and actual tomatoes? IDK, never used any.
Yes, I could grind in the same thing I grind mustard seeds (ala ) - Friend Iain :-)

@Gemlog I think what you call tomato paste is probably what I call tomato puree. It's just concentrated tomatoes.

@wim_v12e Also, I just took a bit of a walk and got no more mushrooms (I was after chanterelles), but came home and someone dropped off like 6-8 pounds of matsutakes (松茸, pines). I already had so many I froze some, but I'm not going to complain am I? Ima write to my italian friend pierina for a recipe for pickling pine mushrooms.

@wim_v12e In support of the general direction, the chili will henceforth be not 50:50 beans:meat, but more 2:1 in favour of the beans. Have to start somewhere, although, as I said, quite often days and weeks go buy without meat and sometimes fish as well. Just institutionalizing the practice is all.

@Gemlog Can you buy anything like tofu, fresh or dried?

@wim_v12e I haven't done anything with tofu in my life. I had a taste and it was rubbery and tasteless. I'm sure that may be improved upon.
They do sell tofu this and that in the shops, but I've never bought any myself. I am reminded that there are some weird packets in the freezer from a girl who lived here briefly. I think some are tofu-like. I'll look next time I'm over that end of the house.

@Gemlog If it was rubbery and tasteless it was poor tofu. I never buy the prepared products, just plain tofu, and also dried bean curd sheets, sticks and knots. These are quite hard to find except in Asian supermarkets.
There is no arguing about taste of course, but I like the taste and consistency and it is also an excellent source of protein.

For vegan food, that is one of the key points: you need a good source of protein.
The other is that you need a good source of umami.

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