As promised I wrote an article about my motivation for creating Haku, my Japanese-language programming language.

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I had quite a few plans for Haku, like a romaji version and a version without any Japanese at all, but I currently lack both the time and the motivation to work on it.

@Eidon It is possible. Then again, I ask myself why I would continue to work on Haku. After all, I have mostly reached my goal: it is possible to write poetry in Haku.
That is the main reason for my lack of motivation. The other is that I don't think anyone besides me will ever use Haku. So why would I then develop it further?
Anyway, we'll see. As likely as not I will continue at some point.


Really cool. We are really lacking in non english programming languages.

@msavoritias Thank you! Although for most people this language is of course totally useless ^_^

@wim_v12e Awesome article! I still need to look at Haku in detail, but your example code looks so cool!

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