Haku is a natural language functional programming language I've created, based on literary Japanese.

I wrote and article about the implementation of Haku in Raku. You don't need to know Japanese or Haku to read it.

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when you're not on mastodon, there are ways to simply write regular horizontal text and turn it vertical with css

if anyone wanted a screen reader to pronounce the japanese (which is very useful if you know some japanese but not every kanji) the pre hack would be a confusing mess


I understand the concept that you want the /source files/ to be able to be written vertically, so I imagine the implementation of that is fine for the moment
(unless there's a "legitimate" way to write vertical text in a text editor, but I don't know of one)

just saying this for the html page.

@Valenoern Thanks for reading the article.
I write my posts in markdown, the html and css are generated by Jekyll.
But I found a way, and I've updated the post. Now the vertical right-to-left text is styled with css. Much better that way!

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