I'm quietly plugging away on my Haku language, still a lot of plumbing to do. But now I am running ahead of myself. I would like to support a much more expressive grammar, for example, you should be able to write

εΏ˜γ‚Œγ‹γ‘γ¦γŸι γ„θ¨˜ζ†Ά

and assuming that εΏ˜γ‚Œγ‚‹ and ι γ„θ¨˜ζ†Ά are defined, that should become something like

(wasureru tooi-kioku)

It may not seem like much, but right now, you can only write


So this requires a lot of extra features:
- more general identifiers as variables
- adjectival use of verbs
- extended grammar for verb endings
- and finally, adjectives

I could of course treat ι γ„θ¨˜ζ†Ά as a single name, but I think the idea of adjectives as part of a programming language appeals to me.

ι γ„θ¨˜ζ†Ά

is much more elegant and concise than

θ¨˜ζ†Άγ‚’ι γγ«ζˆγ‚‹

What it would mean is that the adjective works as a modifying function, so

(distant memory)

instead of

(make memory distant)


And with all those changes I will almost be able to write


Just some more grammar support and an extra nominaliser. What it becomes is rather mundane:

(wasureru aruku)


(forget walk)

rather than the original code which would translate as

"I have totally forgotten how to walk"

It's a lot of trouble to go through to just to be able to turn lines from my favourite songs into code. I think it is worth it though.

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> just to be able to turn lines from my favourite songs into code. I think it is worth it though.

Monumentally wonderful πŸŽ† :ablobspin: πŸŽ‡ !!

@Eidon Thank you very much! It's very, very geeky of me though, isn't it.

@wim_v12e Not at all, I think it''s something great and genial to be honest πŸ˜ƒ

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