@Eidon I just saw this, I have not been able to keep up with my timeline. I wonder what prompted you to write this? Is this from the observation that our societal and economic organisation is becoming a monoculture?

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@wim_v12e No, actually I saw one of your toots from days ago, with a great citation from the Aeneid. It made me think of the Trojan horse, and the idea of welcoming some unknown "element" without fully ascertain the long term effects thereof. If the horse is seen as a good thing, people would be glad to admit it in. In some cases, though, the horse might be a bad thing. How does an ecosystem cope with said conundrum? I believe a modicum of diversity can help.

@Eidon Ah, I see. I remember, it was about Cassandra, wasn't it?
Thanks for the context. I think we'll need to become much more resilient as a society in the next decades, and definitely diversity should help with that.

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