@wim_v12e I'm from the area. Lived about a 1/mile up from the Zayante store in the 90s and on top of Carroll drive Lompico earlier... What you dont see is all the traffic going to and from loch lomond on a literally one lane windy road with boats and trailers creating a smog cloud that merges with the smog from the highway 17 grade. Looks like pristine wilderness but not even anymore. Once all the silicon valley peeps found Z road was the back way to the top of 17 it was sooo over

@_Pelican3301 This is Loch Lomond in Scotland though, not in California. But there is a lot of traffic not very far off here too. Still a beautiful view.

@wim_v12e 🤣 For the record I DID have the thought cross my mind! Down below the California version in Ben Lomond California, when things are 'normal' a local park host 'scottish games' over a weekend in the summer.

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