I've just read a very beautiful short story by Xia Jia, "A hundred ghosts parade tonight", from the anthology of Chinese science fiction "Invisible planets", translated by Ken Liu.

This story has for me echoes of the carnival march in Ghost in the Shell Innocence, and the theme park from Spirited Away, and I also see the Manpukuji temple in Obaku before me while reading it.
It's beautifully written with so many little details to evoke the seasons and bring the place to life.

But in the end it is a sad reflection on what it means to be alive and how societal systems can determine our lives. And all of that in a story of 15 pages set in a single street.

Photo by Henry Söderlund - CC BY 4.0


If you'd like to read a story by Xia Jia, here is "If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler", translated by Ken Liu. I remember reading Italo Calvino's novel of the same name long ago, and finding it very difficult, but I still liked it. This short story is much easier, I liked it very much and I am sure the idea of not leaving a trace on the web will appeal to many fedi people.


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@wim_v12e "the idea of not leaving a trace on the web" somewhat applies to SF writer, Greg Egan. There are no pictures of him on the internet.

But that hasn't stopped Google from trying to associate wrong images with him in the past.


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