My department (Glasgow Computing Science) is hiring a lot of new people at lecture/senior lecturer/reader level (associate prof) and also one full pro:

- Responsible AI (x4)
- Socially Intelligent Technologies
- Machine Learning
- Healthcare Technologies (x3)
- Low Carbon Computing (x3)
- Software Engineering
- Cyber Security (x1 Prof.)

I am leading the Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing theme.

📅 Deadline 26 April.

boosts appreciated!

@wim_v12e If you (or your department) ever write a summary on "Low Carbon computing for the working IT professional", I'd love to hear about it!

@michiel That is a very interesting idea, thanks! My vision is that we need to change the perception of computing as an unlimited resource, and to do that we need to provide the right incentives to companies and end users. Providing a practical how-to guide would make it easier for the IT professionals to change their ways. So this goes on my todo-list!

@wim_v12e @michiel feel free to reach out to me if you need input from out here when you get around to it.

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