Today I discovered to my delight that Dawsholm Park in is home to a colony of parakeets! They've apparently been there a while but I had not spotted them before.

If you want to know more about those parakeets, here is a recent paper: "Understanding the origins of the ring‐necked parakeet in the UK"

"explanations ranging from birds escaping from the set of the film ‘The African Queen’ to animals being released in Carnaby Street in London by Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s"

(as the paper goes on to show, neither of these are credible)


@wim_v12e do you follow @david ? He posts many fotos of beatifult birds.

@wim_v12e there's also a big colony in Brussels... strange the first time you hear and see them

@wim_v12e Is "sneeuwklokjes" the sort of compound word that can be translated literally into English?

@eldang Literally translated it means "small snowbells". sneeuw=snow, klok=bell, -je is a diminutive suffix

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