This is hilarious: Tokyo police raids the HQ of a communist group (中核派, "Japan Revolutionary Communist League, National Committee" but literally "Middle Core Faction").

Police attacks the main door shutters with buzz saws. A side door opens, to elderly men in masks appear and say "just use the door" (ultra-left in Japan are all old men).
Then they check the police's search warrant, and then, best of all, they take their temperature before letting them in.

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@wim_v12e "(ultra-left in Japan are all old men)"
That's very sad

@Nocta I should have been a bit more precise, ultra-left is a vague term. Chukakuha are anti-stalinist communists who committed actual armed assaults and bomb attacks in the 70s. They did not attract a younger following.

But in general most younger Japanese are not very politically engaged.

@wim_v12e what was the purpose of the raid? Just harassment or what?

Checking the temperatures is very good.

@Ethancdavenport The leader of the movement had been underground for almost 50 years (he's now 83) and has very recently resurfaced and given some speeches at rallies. The police had some feeble reason for the search, very clearly a mere excuse.
It looks like a publicity opportunity combined with a "we have our eyes on you" warning.

@wim_v12e typical police shit then. Thanks for sharing this story! I love learning about left movements in Japan and Japanese history.

@Ethancdavenport Thanks for asking! By the standards of my TL this went viral but you're the only one so far who asked why.

There is still the Japanese Communist Party (日本共産党 Nihon Kyosanto), they are still very active (300,000 members) and won 12 seats (of 465) in the last election.

@wim_v12e god, cops across the world really do have that ridiculous 'i want so badly to feel cool that i'll destroy things and abuse defenseless people' vibe

Well they are gang that is protected by the law. That's what they do.


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