That same river Kelvin a bit further on, in Dawsholm Park.
One of the nice things about
is that it has many large parks, some of them, like this one, more forest than parkland.

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And some trees in autumn livery. This one at the banks of the Kelvin on Garscube estate.

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Gartnavel Royal Hospital is a strange place: half of the buildings are ruins, the rest is still in use as office space.

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But with its old walls and many beautiful trees, it is a great place for taking pictures.

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I hope you enjoyed these impressions from my autumn walk.

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@Nasenspray :blobcatblush: I've very glad! That's why I post them, to bring a bit of cheer and beauty in your timeline ^_^

@Eidon Yes indeed! And it is a actually mental hospital ...

@wim_v12e If I were a believer, I'd say that god did their best in Scotland! But Scottish people also did wondrous things in their Country, throughout the centuries!

@Eidon You could say so, certainly natural beauty is exceptional here. In Victorian times they did many great works like these canals, but after that there has been a long period of decline. Then in the early 90s things started to go in the right direction again.

@dumpling Thank you! I tried to capture the effect of the sun when the leaves move in the wind.

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