Work in progress, next phase is a layer with graphite watercolour pencils and a wash. There is still a lot wrong with it, I hope I can fix it.
Eventually this should become one of a set of four portraits illustrating a scene from the movie 海街 diary.

And here is the almost-finished , I might tinker with it a bit more but it I guess the differences would be minimal.

I used Conté pencils and Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle on Arches 300 g/m² rough watercolour paper, 56 cm x 38 cm.

The portrait is based on a scene from the movie "Umimachi diary" ("Our little sister") by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. It is of the character Yoshino, one of the sisters. My intention is to make one portrait of each character but that might take a while.

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@wim_v12e Sorry I cannot see anything wrong with it.
Quite the opposite in fact!! I like very much the style you adopted here.

@Eidon Thank you for saying so. What is wrong is the lighting and contrast, it is simply not the way I want it. The style is going to change a lot though, I hope you'll still like it.

@wim_v12e Oh you're the master- of the -piece, thus for sure you "see" much, much better than me. Still this is very beautiful like this to me, in an intuitive way I can't define. Yes I wonder how it will evolve now! I'll tell you my new impressions for sure ^_^

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