Yesterday I was in Bellahouston Park in , in the garden of the House for an Art Lover and the walled garden next to it.
The House for an Art Lover was build in the early 90s based on a 1901 design by Glaswegian architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh with his wife, the artist Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh.
Here's a picture of the front facade and a detail of the frieze

But mostly I was there for the blossoms and the flowers. The walled garden in particular has many different varieties of daffodils.

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To save you from daff overdose, here is a just-not-opened forsythia (I think)

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More daffodils later, first some plum blossoms in the walled garden, overhanging the wall from a tree on the outside. I love those old walls.

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