I don’t often talk about my work but I am quite proud that my book has finally been published.

It’s a textbook called “Operating Systems Foundations with Linux on the Raspberry Pi”.

The book has a page on Arm's web site:

And if you are quick you can get the ebook for free:

"For a limited time only, we are offering readers free access to the electronic version of the textbook via the Vitalsource Bookshelf platform."

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@Nightingalle Thank you very much! I am quite chuffed about it.

@wim_v12e I know you can probably do nothing to fix this, but I can't seem to be able to read your book at all in my #firefox :(

Ow, that's too bad!
I can't fix this myself but if you tell me your OS and Firefox version I will pass it on to the publisher.


Wow, wouldn't expect you doing that ... much appreciated

FreeBSD, 69.0.2 (64-bit) running on 1600x900px 96x96dpi screen

No obvious network errors, some javascript console errors (a bit too much to paste in here), one of them related to blocked Google Analytics. This is a stock installation, I don't even have an ad blocker or something.

@saper OK, I will pass it on. The chances of VitalSource fixing this may not be very high, but if we don't ask we certainly don't get.

@tibike Thank you! It took a long time but we got there in the end ^_^

@vancha Thank you! 😊 It is a textbook for Computing Science undergraduate students, so still relatively basic.

@mastoabed Thank you very much! It took a long time but we got there in the end.

@wim_v12e seems to me interesting your work. Too bad I never took very well operative systems. I tell yoy with bad experience in the university I went. It sucks but I ever wanted to learn about OS on Linux. :o

Well, I am forgetting something important: congratulations, bro!

@valdecast Thank you very much, Valde!
I find operating systems interesting but it is not my research focus. But on the whole I would agree that my work is interesting 🙂

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