Hello Eidon, I hope you are having a good Sunday. I started on the audio for v5 but I got sidetracked: I wanted to make Sinsy sing our song after all.
So I wrote a little Perl script that creates the MusicXML from a simpler text format, and now I can type text and notes and let Sinsy song the result!
In the process I explored the limitations of Sinsy, and the main limitation is that the only voice I could find has a limited tonal range of 12 full tones. But that is enough for our song!

@wim_v12e Wow, that's great! Making Sinsy sing could be interesting also for other, original compositions... That's wonderful! ^_^

P.S. Do you have a link from which I may download the Sinsy voice? Thanks very much!

@Eidon I found it here:


Like I said, this voice has a limited tonal range of at best 12 full tones. Outside that it sounds awful!
I could only just fit our song into it by transposition. If you have a song with a range of fewer than 12 full tones and you don't mind the transposition, it is fine.

Thank you very much for the link!

Oh, it sounds awful... that's a pity. Yes I imagine that with a full-range voice it would be both easier and more satisfactory...

Anyway, it's a new tool to explore (I mean, new for me) 😄

All the best!

@Eidon It only sounds awful outside its vocal range. Inside its vocal range it is not too bad, it sings better than me 🤣
It still sounds quite synthetic, like an extreme case of autotune.
But I think for our purpose of learning the pronunciation, it is quite useful.
Have you listened to the samples on the sinsy.jp/ web site? It gives a good idea.

I see! I'm pretty sure there most be other voices "somewhere" with more than a single octave... that's really too limited ^_^

Oh I'm sure than no synthetic voice can be as good, or at least as "true," as a human one! ^_^

No, regrettably my internet un-provider forbids me to access sinsy.jp. I'm tempted to try and do so from work... though maybe it's not such a good idea ^_^'

@Eidon The good news is that the male voice on the Sinsy web site has a much better range. Can you please tell me on what note you start singing the first line "boku no mawari ni ..."? I will try to see how close I can get with Sinsy.

@wim_v12e Oh wow that's wonderful news ^_^ That's a D... I look forward to hearing it "Sinsy'ng" ^_^


@Eidon What happens when you try to access the sinsy.jp web site? It is strange that your provider would block it.
If you could access it, you could tune my input file and generate your own variants.
You can still do that with the free voice on your own computer of course, it is really not so bad.

@wim_v12e Good morning Wim! I can access the site now -- I can't understand what went wrong, but when I tried before I got a message stating that the site was off limit -- I could not even click on "proceed at your own risk". Anyway, it works now so that's great. Thanks and I wish you a lovely day!

@Eidon Good morning! That's good news. That means I can share my input file and my script with you rather than the generated audio files. Then you can tweak the song as much as you like, because my version is far from perfect. Have a good day!

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