Endres's crane's-bill, though I think of them as "stork's bill" (ooievaarsbek). Whenever I see them I want to photograph them, the flowers are so delicate.

@fitheach Great story! And your picture is really nice too!

I was only about 7 years of age when I named the flowers "Geronimos", but even though I've been an adult for a few years now, I still give things silly word-play names.

@fitheach It made me think of a scene in Iain Banks's "The Crow Road":

'What did you shout, Ashley?' 'Please, Mr McHoan,' the wee rough voice said, 'Ah said JURMONIMO!'

Oh, I don't remember that. Was it in the book, the TV series or both?

@fitheach I've only read the book, the TV series was before my time.

McHoan, Prentice's father, takes the kids out on some hill with a ruin of a broch.

"To his shock, Ashley jumped right into them, yelling, 'Jurmonimo!' The girl slammed into his chest, clunked her head off his chin, little arms whacking round his neck, knees hoofing into his stomach."

Must be about twenty years, or so, since I read the book. I have obviously forgotten the section on "Jurmonimo".

The TV series is also very good, I have it on DVD. Joseph McFadden, Bill Paterson, Dougray Scott & Valerie Edmond are all excellent in their respective parts.

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