@wim_v12e Switched Trains here, as we were going to see my aunt on wife's mother side in Yokosuka. Aunt was still spry and met us at bus station. An amazing lady she will live to be 110 i feel...

@namida12 I was also just switching trains here, on my way to Narita to fly back to the UK. Do you live in Japan?


I Live in Japan one month a year...

I go in the rainy month, June. Try to get there before a lot of rain has fallen. Much cooler to ride my bicycle with brother-in-law & Friends...

2019 I will visit UK for 10 days, trying to decide on June, or July.

@namida12 Nice! For the last 5 years I've averaged about a month a year as well (not that I planned it) but I usually go in summer (July/August/September) because that's when my work allows it.

To visit Scotland I'd say June is better than July, don't know for the rest of the UK.

@wim_v12e Typhoon #24 will cross over the Japan from the south to north. Think there will be a lot of troubles with the amount of water & wind again. My relatives live in Yokosuka Tokyo, and Noda am hoping they will be buttoned up for this large storm.

@namida12 Hopefully it will have weakened a lot by the time it gets to Tokyo. My friends and colleagues are in Kyoto, it looks like it will still be very bad there. I hope they stay safe.

@wim_v12e Will do Video Chat with family living above Tokyo tonight. Will know more afterwards - 4 hours from now...

Japan - Typhoon


@tsturm @wim_v12e Never been to Japan, but somewhere around here I have a picture of a train I took from Cologne to Bonn about a decade ago that was pretty futuristic looking compared to trains here in US. When I lived in Cologne I took light rail every day, was so nice.

@Zach @wim_v12e Trains here in the US generally always feel like they are intentionally 20 years behind the rest of the world.

If it's not intentional, it's incompetence on a national level.

@tsturm @Zach @wim_v12e It's a result of financial starvation of our rail networks, and lack of adaptation of regulations to modern requirements.

The underlying mentality behind that is that 1950s mass motorization and jet aviation made rail travel "obsolete".

Even many American foamers buy into this mentality, screaming that new trains are ugly and we should go back to the old ones, and openly expressing hope that new trains fail, basically wanting Amtrak to be a heritage railway.

@bhtooefr @tsturm @Zach
I took Amtrak from Lowell to Boston a few years ago, I thought it was quite a nice train.

@wim_v12e @bhtooefr @Zach There are some routes that are OK, but so much of it feels so inefficient, underfunded and badly maintained.

@tsturm @Zach Some of the rolling stock in Japan is actually quite old, from the 1960s, but they are kept in great shape.
I remember that the caltrain in san francisco is actuall made by a Japanese company as well.
But it seems the US does not invest in the rail network.

@wim_v12e @tsturm Yes upon googling, that looks familiar. But I seem to recall the train being red. I had a picture but can't find it.

@tsturm I've tried trains in every country I've visited and I agree!

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries. I'd like to get on one of those trains

@henriko The NEX in the picture is the Narita Express so if you fly into Narita this is the one to take into Tokyo,

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