@pinkprius @KitRedgrave you know the institutions are fucked when *personally* employing knowledgeable people *exclusively* for your education is far more efficient than sharing them via the institution

@ddipaola @pinkprius @KitRedgrave@glitch.social I'd hope that if you did this you'd want to pay them at least the living wage.

@wim_v12e of course. they wouldn't have to reserve all their working hours just for me. they could probably teach a couple of other people while still working humane hours. also, their hourly wage would probably be pretty good


@ddipaola But
if you'd wanted wider access, wouldn't you need a more scalable solution than private tuition?

@wim_v12e IMO, private tutelage is not actually what is needed. I'm just using that as an example of what teaching professionals could make if a reasonable percentage of undergrad tuition actually went to them.

most US schools are too opulent. they need to build fewer unnecessary buildings and spend more effort on teaching and research

@ddipaola It sounds nice anyway. I don't know about US universities, I'm in the UK. I agree in general of course: universities should focus on teaching and research, what else? Infrastructure should be there to support that.

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