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I finished a new large . It's probably the most detailed drawing I ever made.

The main figure in the drawing is based on a picture I took at the Gion Matsuri in some years ago. It is a dancer performing the old Japanese court dance "Ran-Ryo-O".

I used Derwent Inktense and Conté Aquaralle pencils as well as watercolour paint (various brands). The paper is Arches 56cmx76cm 300g/m2 rough watercolour paper.

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I finished my , on the last day of my holidays! It's the first time I've done such a large (50cmx70cm). It's based on a picture I took of a lotus in a pond in a temple (萬福寺) near . of the lotus pond watercolour

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I'm Wim, in Glasgow (Scotland).
I like , , , cooking and ().

I do research on , and runtimes (e.g. ) for , and .

I program in , , , ++,.

@wim_v12e is my main account, I use it mostly for the non-technical stuff. The computer stuff usually goes on @wim_v12e.

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I finished my . It's based on a picture of a scene from the Gion Matsuri that I took in Kyoto last summer. I used pencils, acrylic watercolour paint and bistre.

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#inktober today I was so motivated to sketch! and then I had to do groceries and when I went outside it became colder, and I am still a bit sick myself with a cold.. so I was standing in the cold wind trying to sketch.

this is our local lidl supermarket with a construction going on on the sidewalk and bikelane, a worker laying some pavement stones, and the faceless lidl building in the background. ok, this lidl is at least in an older building.

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Bon ben c'est mon tour :) #JeChercheUnJob

Je suis:
- dev FOSS fullstack (venant du backend)
- python depuis 2008 (mais je m'adapte),+15.000 commits sur github, django avant la 1.0
- bonne base d'adminsys
- orienté résultat, pragmatique, autonome
- bosse seul comme en équipe

Je cherche
- plutôt des missions courtes
- télétravail ou sur Bruxelles
- CDI/CDD en mi-temps / 3-5 ème (plutôt remote)
- prêt à discuter si vous avez d'autres propositions :)
- bonus si FOSS

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I still haven't edited my trip pictures... but here's some pictures from walking from work to the parking lot today...
Slowly slowly getting to know #darktable

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An observation from 2017. This log cabin-like structure is the home of a Bagworm Moth caterpillar (Family Psychidae). Spotted during a walk around the gardens of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Siingapore on 13 May 2017.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Singapore #Moths #Lepidoptera #Insects

On iNaturalist [ ]. More info on this and other 'micro homes' at [ ].

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you can now use and to use multiple accounts in the same browser session

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Berthold Woltze „The Irritating Gentleman“, 1874

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Painting complete!

Like the song from that Disney movie I’ve never seen, it’s so shiny!

I guess this is technically #inktober since I wanted to use the gold ink over watercolor, but it ended up being more of a watercolor piece than an ink piece.

Ruby-throated hummingbird - 4 by 6 inches

#art #CreativeToots

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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Hi, check out this incredible photo of a (Eurasian) hobby!
#birds #birbs #bot

This summer I made a drawing of a dancer performing a traditional court dance called Ranryōō. I've finally found time to finish my blog post about it, please have a look!

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Doing touristy things in : Aareschlucht (a gorge near Meiringen), Harder Kulm (a small mountain restaurant near Interlaken), Titlis a mountain a bit over 3000m high near Engelberg).

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  象 今 秋
  の 日  深
  群 も  し
  れ 賑 

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