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I had a week off so I made another with pencils.

The two panels show Shijo Dori (四条通), probably the best known street in , at night.
I was fascinated by the many traffic lights and road signs and took a few pictures when I was there last summer.

The caption between the panels
青信号、赤信号 — 祇園四条の夕景
reads as
"Aoshingo, akashingo — Gion Shijou no yuukei"
which translates as
"Green light, red light – a night scene in Gion Shijo".

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I finished a new large . It's probably the most detailed drawing I ever made.

The main figure in the drawing is based on a picture I took at the Gion Matsuri in some years ago. It is a dancer performing the old Japanese court dance "Ran-Ryo-O".

I used Derwent Inktense and Conté Aquaralle pencils as well as watercolour paint (various brands). The paper is Arches 56cmx76cm 300g/m2 rough watercolour paper.

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I finished my , on the last day of my holidays! It's the first time I've done such a large (50cmx70cm). It's based on a picture I took of a lotus in a pond in a temple (萬福寺) near . of the lotus pond watercolour

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I'm Wim, in Glasgow (Scotland).
I like , , , cooking and ().

I do research on , and runtimes (e.g. ) for , and .

I program in , , , ++,.

@wim_v12e is my main account, I use it mostly for the non-technical stuff. The computer stuff usually goes on @wim_v12e.

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I finished my . It's based on a picture of a scene from the Gion Matsuri that I took in Kyoto last summer. I used pencils, acrylic watercolour paint and bistre.

I had never before eaten oranges straight from the tree. Just reach out an pluck one off, and eat it. Amazing.

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Watching Nature Documentaries Can Produce "Real Happiness," Finds a Study from the BBC and UC-Berkeley

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Hey all! I’m in the process of writing a paper about LGBTQ+ people and their experiences in the Catholic Church. In order to get some more primary sources, I came up with a quick survey. If you identify as LGBTQIA+ and are a part of the Catholic Church, please consider helping me out!

All answers are anonymous and will only be seen by me.

Also any boosts are greatly appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️

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Heute nehme ich euch mit in die "Gartenanlage des Geologischen Dienstes #NRW". Gemeinsam entdecken wir #Bäume aus aller Welt (wenn ihr mögt).
Der Garten wurde im Jahr 1969 angelegt.


Today I’m taking you to the 'Garden of the Geological Service NRW'. Together we’ll discover #trees from all over the world (if you like).
The garden was laid out in 1969.

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This is the Greek cyclamen, very beautiful in the wild, much more so than in a pot.

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@wim_v12e Should the last door be painted red, do not open it. Run back, do not look behind, just run. Run all night if necessary and only sleep where your body drops.

However, if the door is green, go through it. Once over a balcony with an impressive view of the Aegean, ask this question out loud: "How does one keep fresh after one's vacation?"

A small medicine bottle should roll down your feet.

This is object 1024 of 538. No one should ever need medication for this.

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I don’t like cars, and I don’t like it that asphalt for tarmac is derived from petroleum. Still, when I saw this machine it appealed to me. Perhaps the bright red sunroof with the name of the owner, or the gas bottles and chimney — the decidedly low-tech look. Or because someone has kept this machine in good shape. Or because it fits with the somewhat desultory attempts at upkeep of the local roads.

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