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I wrote an article about the need for low-carbon and and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

In short, we need to dramatically limit the growth in emissions from computing, or by 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C.

And it is possible to do this.

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I made a small . It's on A4 Khadi rough cotton rag paper (320 gsm), I used pencils and bistre and the Chinese writing brushes shown in the picture.

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This is a set of portraits based on a scene from the 2015 movie 海街 diary (umimachi diary), "Our little sister" in English, by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. They are the Kōda sisters, Sachi (white yukata with blue flowers), Yoshino (ginkgo leaf pattern yukata), and Chika (blue yukata); and Suzu (white yukata with blue and pink).

I used Conté pencils, Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle and Derwent Inktense on Arches 300 g/m² rough watercolour paper, 56 cm x 38 cm.

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I finished a new large . It's probably the most detailed drawing I ever made.

The main figure in the drawing is based on a picture I took at the Gion Matsuri in some years ago. It is a dancer performing the old Japanese court dance "Ran-Ryo-O".

I used Derwent Inktense and Conté Aquaralle pencils as well as watercolour paint (various brands). The paper is Arches 56cmx76cm 300g/m2 rough watercolour paper.

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I finished my , on the last day of my holidays! It's the first time I've done such a large (50cmx70cm). It's based on a picture I took of a lotus in a pond in a temple (萬福寺) near . of the lotus pond watercolour

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I'm Wim, in Glasgow (Scotland).
I like , , , cooking and ().

I do research on , and runtimes (e.g. ) for , and .

I program in , , , ++,.

@wim_v12e is my main account, I use it mostly for the non-technical stuff. The computer stuff usually goes on

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I finished my . It's based on a picture of a scene from the Gion Matsuri that I took in Kyoto last summer. I used pencils, acrylic watercolour paint and bistre.


I feel like most arguments about personal freedoms and risk miscommunication are just smoke in people’s eyes. It all boils down to one fact: There’s a vast group of people who have enjoyed pretty much no limitations in their lives (often imposing arbitrary limitations onto other groups) and, as soon as there was a couple of basic requirements that would apply to them as well, they got angry and offended. Pretty much every other argument is an attempt to rationalize that feeling.

I'm doing a in-person workshop this Sunday in Brooklyn called "Collaborative Creative Writing with Computation." More information here: and here's the registration link:

Thanks to the New York City Artist Corps, I'm able to offer this workshop for free! As of this post, all of the spots are taken, but I just opened a waiting list so you can sign up to be notified if/when spots become available.

Motivated by @csepp , I wrote a haiku in haku. I even added a new keyword 俳句 ("haiku").



The actual haiku is


tera ha kara
hasu ha saiteta
atsui natsu

an empty temple
the lotus was blooming
hot summer

All the rest is needed to make it a valid haku program. When you run it, it prints


giragira taiyou
terasaretai yo

which is more poetry ^_^

UK politics/the zombie horde 

In case anyone is wondering, they're fast zombies. As Drezner (2014) notes, the distinction between fast/slow zombies has no real implication for government response (too late to deal with it/all the time in the world to deal with it).

Drezner, Daniel W. Theories of international politics and zombies. Princeton University Press, 2014.

Because language creates our reality:

On New Year's Day, a friend asked us to address him with different #pronouns. He/him became she/her.

Some acquaintances continued to mostly speak of 'him'. And to this day, they still stumble over 'she' and repeatedly address her incorrectly.

I (did) consistently use the 'new' pronouns. Towards her, but also when I talk about her. In my mind, I no longer see her as 'he'.

I changed my (and her) reality.
It didn't hurt.
You can do it, too!

#gender #trans

@csepp I have considered adding a politeness level flag. It is straightforward, but I did not really see the point of forcing the programmer.

What I call poetry is quite loosely defined, it is certainly not formal like a haiku or tanka.
But I think it should be possible to write at least the main portion of the program in such a way.

I could for example, instead of the current
本とは to mark the start of the main routine, have a variant


i.e. "the haiku is ... "

It is however not easy to formally check that the haiku has the right number of mora, because the kanji have many possible readings and Haku does not use a dictionary.

Haiku are challenging because they have their own constraints, one is the 5-7-5 structure but there are also a constraints on the structure and meaning.
And Haku programs also have their constraints, so it would probably be a compromise.

I had quite a few plans for Haku, like a romaji version and a version without any Japanese at all, but I currently lack both the time and the motivation to work on it.

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As promised I wrote an article about my motivation for creating Haku, my Japanese-language programming language.

My fancy, frivolous frou-frou tuberous begonia has been a joy all summer, but never more than right now, when its rich, red flowers are lit up against a background of senescing witch hazel leaves (“Diane”).


The spices and umami is probably the most important part of the recipe.

In this case, I used some dried mushrooms; ground coriander, cumin and turmeric; doenjang (a Korean miso-style condiment) and a little doubanjiang (a Chinese spicy broad bean condiment).

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The soup is what I call a "good housekeeping" soup, to use up stuff that needs eating. In this case a tin of pumpkin, a swede that the shop delivered by mistake and some wilting celery.
I add some carrots, ginger and garlic and various spices and sources of umami.

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Making soup while listening to a CD from 1992, on a Discman of that same era.

"Concerts A Deux Violes Esgales
Du Sieur de Sainte Colombe"
(Tome II) by Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken

Very beautiful music for two viola da gamba

This is one of the five tracks on that CD:

The Triumph and Terror of Wang Huning (longer read)

Wang Huning is arguably the single most influential “public intellectual” alive today.

Hello FediTips users!

I don't have any donation links and don't normally ask for donations.

However, the person who hosts my Fediverse account has been hit with extremely large energy bills lately 😔

If you appreciate FediTips, could you show some love to the hoster @stux who makes FediTips possible? ❤️

Stux's donation link is here:

➡️ (scroll down to the section marked "support the community")

Alternatively, if you are looking to run your own site, get a plan from Stux's independent hosting service @Stuxhost (

Stux runs lots of free libre services to help people looking for privacy (, and has done for years. However, servers mean energy bills, and energy has got expensive lately, so now Stux needs our help!

Museums are finding it nearly impossible to post imagery containing artistic nudity on social media because their posts keep getting deleted and accounts suspended or banned, so Vienna's museums opened a page on OnlyFans.

TikTok closed the Alberta museum account for showing an obscured woman's breast.

Facebook ruled the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf figurine as pornographic and removed the post.

"Speaking strictly for me", to quote the song, this is the best version of "Diamonds and Rust"


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