My two week vacation in starts tomorrow! Fourteen hours in the air means I need to pick the perfect reading material. I’ve selected ’s Interpreter of Maladies and the Collected Fictions of . I have a couple flights within my two weeks as well (to Goa) so these will make for excellent company!

Hello, all! My name is Web. I'm a , a geek, , enthusiast, and a pop culture junkie. I record a monthly about Indian cinema/culture called Darn That Dream. I studied and in school and am very passionate about and . I want to one day be a at the high school or college level.

I’m genuinely excited to be microblogging on a platform not infested with Nazis. It‘s a fresh start; a vast landscape is at my feet to shape as I see fit. So much love to @Lexialex for taking the leap! I hope others follow suit, and we cultivate a positive experience on Mastodon. 😊


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more