remember like a year or two ago when Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer a plumber?

i still feel like that was an implicit denigration of blue collar trade jobs. now Mario is just a tennis playing racing-enthusiast that endlessly collects coins. he's some globe trotter in the idle rich caste. despicable, really.

what are the two best things about america? the military and the gig economy of course. i present to you: fightr. use your phone to remotely schedule small to medium scale wars on neighbouring towns and cities

Moreno has become a useful idiot or a moron of empire; perhaps he's failing to see that his actions are to be interpreted as complicity in war crimes and coverup thereof in exchange for cash (greed)

RT @wosunews: BREAKING: Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) will not run for president in 2020.

my advice if you want to get a CS career without bothering with a CS degree is quite simple: get out there and hack on shit. meet people. hack, hack, hack. first serious tech job i got was because of my work on IRCD.

not having a CS degree but still knowing the fundamentals makes you more valuable than the CMU grad, because you also know how the real world works. this means you have insight into things like how to make the damn thing scale, or how to handle abuse.

The latest controversy follows comments Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., made last week: "I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country."

really tempted to just stop paying all our bills, rent, etc. because, like,,, fuck it, why am i doing this? money isnt even real

" #Facebook suspended the pages of In The Now, a Russia-backed project that produces videos that cover climate change, history, politics, and current events. They were led to censor content when CNN brought the pages to the social media company’s attention."

can’t tell if this is prescient or just how it’s always been

gentle praxis suggestion 

from hellsite 

"Don't 👏 call 👏 someone 👏 a 👏 champagne 👏 socialist 👏 unless 👏 they 👏 come 👏 from 👏 the 👏 Champagne 👏 region 👏 of 👏 France 👏" 

2009: Young people use Twitter. Old people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

2019: Old people use Twitter. Young people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

anyone who has ever been described as a consultant is a fucking scam artist

reason number 47347948316 why Twitter needs to die: they just deleted 2000 accounts of real people who oppose US invasion in Venezuela, while there are many thousands of bot accounts run by the US-based regime changers which have been allowed to operate with complete impunity. this is Twitter *explicitly* taking political action on behalf of the coup. corporations aren't neutral

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