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in the land of the blind there shouldn't be any kings, especially not abelist ones

imo we'll need to keep the loud ones from accumulating power, and we're terrible at it

we can't even have a cool empire collapse with invading visigoths we're just going to have a bunch of bald white billionaires beaten up by juggalos

the pattern the popcorn kernels make around my seat is well approximated by a Poisson distribution

it's 2018 WHYYYY is your default text output format ASCII instead of UTF-anything??

i'm a real fan of the double duck in bash; e.g. to compare the sorted versions of two files,

diff <(sort FILE1) <(sort FILE2)


comm <(sort FILE1) <(sort FILE2)

the <(..) <(..) bits are the ducks 😃

i guess melon husk is taking a shot at disaster capitalism now

i'm not much of a hoarder in any other part of my life. i err on the side of throwing things away (or, better, not getting them to begin with). but somehow the internet encourages me to hoard links. it's not rational: why store 1000s of pieces of information you will literally never look at again? the oldest URLs in my files are getting close to 8 years old now. why am i keeping those? what purpose do they serve?

recently, i started yet another text file. at first i did this to test syncthing. but before long, i was pasting URLs from my phone or computer into that file so i could look at those URLs on other devices. and wouldn't you know, that file now has 10 URLs in it. no doubt that'll grow to 100s if i keep doing this. meanwhile, my other lists and databases and mind maps still have 1000s of URLs in them, sitting unread.

that file now has close to 1,000 lines in it. it's become so long and unwieldy that i only ever use the first 10 lines or so. in desperation, i've tried mind mapping some of the contents. as with the text file, the mind map became large and unwieldy; it has 100s of URLs in it. i won't list all the other things i've tried.

years ago, i innocently and with the best intentions started a text file with URLs i wanted to read more about later. i don't like browser bookmarks for reasons, and sorta like post-its, plain text files are remarkably good at organizing freeform information.

A recent study finds that male political reporters retweet male colleagues three times as often as female ones:

> [The authors] write that the patterns “suggest that men live in a gendered echo chamber that promotes other male journalists at the expense of female ones.”

if this were free of firefox and a little faster to start and quit i'd use it daily. i only stopped using lynx once the web became a javascript delivery platform

hmm, seems to be a bit unstable too. it takes a long time to "connect to firefox" (?), and a long time to quit. cool proof of concept though.

wow too bad browsh isn't standalone, it's pretty remarkable

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