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This walrus has lived in my brain since scanning this book four years ago and I'm unleashing him upon the fediverse

Daily reminder that those who sell their labor probably wouldn't do so if they had a real choice.

@aeveltstra yeahh, that's horrible. and so needless, because it's possible to make something beautiful, functional, and accessible, as long as you're conscious of accessibility?

@aeveltstra i'm sorry. i'm in the same boat. screen magnifiers help some, but not with color and contrast issues. high-contrast themes help some, but they're ugly and annoying (to me anyway)

"modern UI design" is so often "low vision people can go to hell lol"

If scientists ever synthesize an element with an atomic mass of 666, I hope they call it "antichristium". That would be metal.

@aras @kimau flat UIs are an accessibility nightmare. if your eyes can't perceive subtle differences in color value, you literally can't even see controls. aesthetic, schmaesthetic, that's just bad design full stop.

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Google and Facebook are to our human rights and to democracy what Philip Morris is to our health and what Exxon Mobil is to the environment. Until we grasp this fundamental truth we haven’t a snowflake’s chance in hell of either effectively regulating them or funding alternatives.

@dumpling @SuzanEraslan the item spends 1 day or less on an actual ship. one day shipping™

@Robby i don't doubt it, but is it really too much for me to ask for truthfulness? i honestly don't care if it takes three days instead of two. i just want to have an idea of how long it'll take.

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