in the month or two since I installed it on my phone, Blokada has blocked half a million tracking attempts.

half a million.

I don't know how to make sense of this.

anyone: ugh, life sucks right now
boomer: lol suck it up snowflake!
person with literally any empathy at all: aww I'm sorry do you want to talk about it?

oh good, another baby boomer opining about "the future of work" that's just what we need /sarcasm

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one time I rebooted my phone and I couldn't spell till it had turned back on

@rick_777 @MatejLach @Shamar they don't just want future employees. they want people, whether future employees or not, to think a certain way. investing into educating kids on the off chance that they'll work for your company ten years later makes limited sense. investing in convincing kids, and by extension their parents, that company X's products are the only good products makes a lot of sense.

@MatejLach @Shamar coding is thinking. they want to shape what people think is possible because it helps them control their markets. it's easiest shape the thinking of the young. labor pool is secondary to that, imo.

Jeff Bezos literally has more dollars than he has neurons

@kragen @jbob I get what you're saying, but that's a big stretch in my opinion. someone with questionable business practices can still state that murder is wrong with moral authority.

@suetanvil right?? I think he's cynically trying to use the news cycle to enhance his image, and pundits like Paul Krugman are helping him

@jbob yeah you're right. I was thinking of the bits that say don't use your knowledge/skill to harm others. the IP stuff is meh. I do think some attention should be paid to how computing technology can be used to take things in a harmful way.

@jbob thing is, there already are codes of ethics. the ACM has one, for instance, and it's not horrible--in my view a good proportion of the badness we see now wouldn't pass a clear-headed ethical review if there were such a thing. but programmers aren't taught to pay attention to such things, usually, and organizations like the ACM do not lead by example imo.


"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.


I hope the National Enquirer moves forward with its plan to publish pictures of Bezos's complexifier /sarcasm

@paeneultima so I guess someone from the national enquirer tried to blackmail him, so he wrote this thing on medium and now the media is in a frenzy over it

it's cool how Bezos is trying to get the media to fight his personal battle for him instead of using some of the money he stole from all of us and Earth to deal with the consequences of his choices.

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