alien 1: in summary, the humans have nearly rendered the blue planet uninhabitable. The only plan they appear to have is to migrate to the red planet.

alien 2: can they breathe the atmosphere of the red planet?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: is there material there they can eat?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: can the plants and animals of their planet live there?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: is there liquid water there?

alien 1: no.

alien 2: lol wtf?

alien 1: lol idk

@walruslifestyle omg i got •into it• with a friend who seriously thought humans would be moving to Mars any day now

Yeah no kidding.

And... does it have a magnetosphere which protects electronics from solar flares? Hell no.

@walruslifestyle Aliens, die sich keinen Atomkrieg vorstellen können … der wäre schließlich offensichtlich wahnsinnig. Das würden doch nichtmal Menschen machen, richtig? RICHTIG?

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