I just cancelled my #EFF membership and will not be spending to them, can also not recommend anyone to do that.

The reason?

This: eff.org/deeplinks/2021/12/drea
It looks like they are looking to push forward "Web3" and cryptocurrencies. Both bullshit, speculative technologies that create more real problems than they solve.

If you are an #EFF member, maybe consider sending them an email cancelling your membership demanding them to change course.


@evilham I "applied" for this job, with my resume and cover letters describing what I think about web3 (it's bad), and my blog being stephendiehl.com/blog/web3-bul (I am not the blog author).

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@walruslifestyle Thanks for adding this link!
And for applying to the position like that, I still deeply appreciate the #EFF and hope they change course in these aspects since they are very clearly deal breakers for me too, and it looks like we are not alone :-).
Good luck in the application, I hear #EFF is a great place to work (or was, who knows).

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