in light of recent events

It's NOT OK to use #zoom as a video conference "solution" for your anti-capitalist meetup (oh, the irony!) or group or whatever.

Or even a regular conference.

Those seemingly innocuous "tools" aren't really free.

It's not a neutral choice. It excludes critical people.

So please, PLEASE if you know an expert, DO ASK THEM FIRST before deciding based on what you think you know!

They might well be able to help out with something that's just as good but ethical.

Some addendum:
If you have a problem to be solved and you ask an expert for a solution, describe the _problem_, not the tools to be used.
And listen to her answers.

@wuffel Precisely! Or if you already have a preconceived solution, at least be open to the expert's suggestions and especially the *reasons*. There's a good chance she really *does* know better, in this particular field, and even if you think it's a question of priorities maybe, just maybe, the critical expert really *is* the one best placed to assess these ... just like she'd listen to you in non-IT things maybe ...


@quincy @wuffel yeah, and just to put a fine point on it, the problem might be "how can I safely communicate in real time with group X", and not "what's the best videoconferencing software that uses encryption". because there may be very effective ways of communicating with group X that don't use videoconferencing software or anything like it, but still get the job done.

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