@thenewoil “Our investigation found the iPhone’s tracking protections are nowhere nearly as comprehensive as Apple’s advertising might suggest. We found at least three popular iPhone games share a substantial amount of identifying information with ad companies, even after being asked not to track.”


Did something happen to apple in the last couple of years? I have never been a huge apple fan and thus haven't kept a super close eye on their security/privacy measures but my impression was always that as much as I didn't like apple, you had to respect them for protecting users privacy.

Like they had that high profile fight with the FBI not to crack an iphone not too long ago and they just recently announced they were going to monitor apple users photos?


@aral @thenewoil

It just feels like a u-turn from the old apple (tho again maybe it just looks this way from my limited knowledge?).

Was there a change in CEO or something that prompted this shift or?


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @aral @thenewoil are you referring to the old Apple that (a) had an exclusive deal with AT&T, who (b) happily shunted all their traffic directly to the NSA after 9/11, over 20 years ago? cnet.com/news/nsa-surveillance

some days I'm hopeful we can do something about the privacy mess we're in. but other days not so much, because nobody seems to know what's actually happened or for how long

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