hot take: developers should be required to have at least a BFA before designing the core metaphors or a library, framework, or system.

no no, it makes perfect sense that a process spawns a child by forking, which then pops threads from a pool to execute runnables that listen on sockets to 🤯 🤯 🤯

@walruslifestyle I'm being serious, I'm actually a really bad programmer with not much formal training.

@stolas BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts (at least here in the US). i was being a bit tongue in cheek, but partly serious. coding is the most fertile source of deeply confusing mixed metaphors of any discipline i've encountered.

@walruslifestyle I get it now.

Yeah, you are right. You can tell that most coders haven't written or read much that isn't strictly technical and it's not good.

@walruslifestyle design is an art and a science—a deep subject. In my experience, there is no correlation between having a certain degree and being a good designer. But practice can teach you, if you’re paying attention. To me, on the whole, programming is hard and most programmers are not smart enough to do it, regardless of their training.

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