hot take: developers should be required to have at least a BFA before designing the core metaphors or a library, framework, or system.

no no, it makes perfect sense that a process spawns a child by forking, which then pops threads from a pool to execute runnables that listen on sockets to 🤯 🤯 🤯

@walruslifestyle lol

hashtag "if you can handle coordinating a senior exhibit to some degree of success, you'll probably be ok"

"but what about coding?????"

coding is the "easy" part

@walruslifestyle people designing the backbone to everything while understanding nothing about how things work = scary, agreed

@shoutcacophony oof, you learn how all this stuff works by fighting AGAINST the metaphors in them, not with them? so bizarre. that's the lion's share of the difficulty in "learning to code" imo

@walruslifestyle right. i think threading is a really good example -- so much of making art is about "how to place the futzit next to the whorpmuffle" + ~aesthetics~

it's a lot more like coding in assembly than people realize, or give it credit for. "my entire mindset is tied up in educational/industry/tech "culture" standards" bros especially

@shoutcacophony i'd like to learn how to fix cars! so, first, I'm going to learn how to turn a 10 millimeter socket wrench clockwise 20 degrees. then, i'm going to learn how to strip a wire. then ...

@walruslifestyle later: :thisisfine: what the hell. i guess this means i need to get a new set of wrenches

@shoutcacophony i've worked with developers who seemed to not understand at any level what i meant when i said that code should have and use a coherent set of metaphors, and that their code came up short on that score

@walruslifestyle i've both been mocked, and hired by senior architects, because i understand how that works. it seems like the industry is a lot more the former than the latter now, which is like "well, I'm just gonna sit over here with a cooler and some friends and wait for your shit to tank again"

by "your shit", i mean the entire industry, not just their crap codebase

@shoutcacophony i'd agree, especially with *cough*javascript*cough* web technologies

@walruslifestyle oh, for sure. and so much is dependent on that now. the borked langauge (stumbling your way into something brilliant = still borked, sorry) gets half-fixed, then the half-fix gets built upon, et voila, " god, what did you all do"

me (pointing at javascript ecosystem) uhh?
web developers (pointing at the web) but!
me: uhhhh?

@walruslifestyle 😂

it's like I want to get an Amiga 4000, with a CRT, bring it to a coworking space, and just...start coding at some open slot, after i get set up

"do you need the wifi password?"

*points to modem, keeps coding*

@walruslifestyle I'm being serious, I'm actually a really bad programmer with not much formal training.

@stolas BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts (at least here in the US). i was being a bit tongue in cheek, but partly serious. coding is the most fertile source of deeply confusing mixed metaphors of any discipline i've encountered.

@walruslifestyle I get it now.

Yeah, you are right. You can tell that most coders haven't written or read much that isn't strictly technical and it's not good.

@walruslifestyle design is an art and a science—a deep subject. In my experience, there is no correlation between having a certain degree and being a good designer. But practice can teach you, if you’re paying attention. To me, on the whole, programming is hard and most programmers are not smart enough to do it, regardless of their training.

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