if you're going to publish an article about a billionaire, how about including where they live and how best to circumvent whatever security systems they have. their homes do not have enough spray paint on them imo

@dittoslash if it results in their homes being vandalized that's pretty positive!

@walruslifestyle no but what if the billionaire did something positive, say elon musk with the mini-sub thing

@walruslifestyle *saves lives of trapped children* yes that is negative

@walruslifestyle you would have had to essentially waterboard them to get them out without it. sure, they could have survived without it, but it would have been a lot harder and taken a lot longer.

@dittoslash no child was placed into the submarine and removed from the cave. the submarine played literally no role whatsoever in the act of saving the children.

@walruslifestyle seems i was misreading the story, then. tbh does it really matter? At Least He Tried™

@walruslifestyle instead of sitting on his arse like the rest of the billionaires

@walruslifestyle he built the damn thing. that's not sitting on his arse in any reality i've been in.

@dittoslash engineers he pays money to built the thing. his role as to horde and dispense money. congratulate the engineers. they very well might have done the same if Elon Musk had never existed.

@dittoslash yes it does matter, because he is literally taking credit for saving children, duping people like you, when he played no role in that. someone died saving them, so Elon Musk is attempting to position himself as somehow morally equal to someone who sacrificed their life? not ok. he's ill.

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