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if you have 2/3 of a computer, you basically have 0 computers. if you have 2/3 of a donut, you basically have a donut. this is one reason why computers are so bad.

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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

capitalism is going to turn anything that can be controlled into "property" and then convert that to a rental system.

science and technology empowers people to predict, and therefore control.

people who already have power can accumulate more power faster than those who do not.

thanks to NVIDIA's innovative RTX raytracing hardware, every video game will now be set in a wet, foggy, neon-drenched city

according to Filelight, my laptop has just under 5,000,000 (5 million) files on it, and i don't have the foggiest idea what most of them do

oof it's been so long since I've been out in public I lost my habit of checking for surveillance cameras before looking at my phone

btw, HD surveillance cameras can OCR text off your phone screen in case you didn't know!

Complaining about the future 

Childhood expectations VS what we ended up getting:

* Expectations: Humanoid robots!
* Reality: A kinda crappy smartphone OS with a marketable name.

* Expectations: Intelligent software that can comprehend conversational context and have a degree of self awareness
* Reality: Fancy statistics with a marketable name.

Pocket/Wrist computers
* Expectations: My PC but it's in my pocket with adjusted ergonomics and all the freedom that comes with it.
* Reality: Closed garden hardware/software ecosystem designed to stalk and monetise you and only allows as much freedom as corporations see as useful to their own purposes.

Self driving cars
* Expectations: I own the car. I tell it where to go and it goes there.
* Reality: These aren't quite ready yet but it's already clear where it's going: You will not own this car, except maybe on paper. It may listen to you but it will report to and obey its manufacturer first - along with a government back door.

The future kinda sucks.

Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

you: omg AIs are going to take over the world!!!

me (to the AI): plot(X, Y, C, LineWidth = 3)

the AI: bzzt brrrt bzzzzz *dies spewing deprecated case sensitivity warnings*

one call to a plotting function caused python to vomit thousands of "MatplotlibDeprecationWarning: Case-insensitive properties were deprecated" warnings, so many that the computer running to it slowed to a crawl and my frantic Ctrl-Cs took many minutes to be registered.

what in the ever loving hell is the matter with human beings? they're seriously going to use a "big tech" app like Clubhouse to talk about the perils of Big Tech? thereby imperiling every person who wants to join and hear about the perils? with not even a hint of irony?

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(nothing wrong with people writing and releasing language-specific projects. what i'd like to see though is a lot more focus on what the project does--what it accomplishes--and a lot less focus on the nuts and bolts).

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here's a volunteer-run software project that i think would be pretty amazing: a skeleton or bootstrap project that helps other developers kick off a new project. it sets up a lot of tedious things for them, including baseline documentation. but, and i think this is crucial it uses some kind of magic to make the project as multilingual as possible.

the key is to free these projects from the tyranny of programming languages. it's not a "rust project to do X". it's a "project to do X".

obviously volunteer-run software projects have a lot of constraints and may not be focused on adoption either. but i feel like so many promising projects receive a lot less attention than they deserve because of a lack of documentation. i feel like it's the sort of thing that should be figured out and baked in from the beginning.

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in my own experience, commercial software products tend to have orders of magnitude better documentation than the typical volunteer-run open source project (excluding corporate code dumps, which might have started life as commercial products).

also, speaking for myself, i'll choose a less-capable but better-documented piece of software over a more-capable, poorly-documented piece of software without hesitating, and I will pay for closed-source software just to get better documentation.

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