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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

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"open" courseware puts teachers out of work and further entrenches educational elites. lots of people have learned stuff they might not have been able to otherwise. but it's at a collective cost.

*logs onto one of the most powerful knowledge distribution platforms ever created*

*writes a five-page article about socks*

all apps should have a black theme imo

us pol, violence/death mention Show more

name the royal baby!
start with Lord or Lady
your first name is your social security number
your middle name is your bank account number and PIN, hyphenated
your surname is your primary telephone number
finally, add "of pwned"

my favorite royal tradition is being unaware of any of the British royalty for my whole life

#Google is profitable only because it steals our data.

Take for example Australia:

- Mere data transfer costs, externalized to its users by Google, amount to AU$580M per year (dailytelegraph.com.au/technolo).

- Google's profit in Australia is ~AU$150M and revenue (depending on standards) AU$1.02B - AU$3.46B (zdnet.com/article/google-austr.

If Google had to pay us for the data it steals, it would be in bankrupt right away.

that is incorrect. shoving will protect you. shoving will protect you from the terrible secret of space.

Step 1 turn on noscript
Step 2 the whole internet is now broken

the internet 2x18
1. click link
2. URL shortener on separate server expands URL
3. source site's analytics engine redirects you to a shortened URL
4. second URL shortener on another server expands URL
5. analytics javascript on destination site throws errors, leading to slow load time
6. view disappointing meme
7. goto 1.

no barking! violators will be toad.

I like maple flavored anything that is all

json is text REST APIs are complicated Unix pipes sending text from one process to another progress is an illusion

it is i, the grade dispenser, here to bestow upon you a letter

don't call your app an electron app unless you can power it with literally 1 electron

selfishly, my own job is precarious and if masses of students complain about how I grade then my own job is in trouble. I can see why all these forces would lead to a general phenomenon of grade inflation. that's where the pressures of the system push

the thing about grade inflation is that as adjunct faculty I don't feel free to give any grade. international students' visas depend on their GPA, and I'm not about to put someone's visa status at risk in this climate. seniors and graduate students have jobs lined up and failure to receive credit for a class could put their career trajectory at risk, which I'm also not about to do in this climate.

I hope the general population, as they receive the flood of #GDPR notices from the various companies data-mining them, I hope everyone keeps in mind that companies could have been cool the whole time, but were not. There is no self-regulation.

google assistant should make people's facebook posts for them