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if you have 2/3 of a computer, you basically have 0 computers. if you have 2/3 of a donut, you basically have a donut. this is one reason why computers are so bad.

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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

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Wordle 221 5/6


three times so far, I've looked at my calendar, saw the "22" of "2022", and thought "it' can't be January 22. It must be the 25th at least".

stop saying "financial instrument" those words make no sense together

please forgive me i've written 900 FLOC in the last three days

given how fast technology has been progressing you'd think we would have Gigadeth or even Teradeth by now

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I feel like native English speakers might have an easier time with this one.

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Wordle 219 4/6


Initial guess weirdly helpful at eliminating letters this time.

if the source code is open in the forest, but nobody's there to read it, is it really open source?

how many years was the log4j vulnerability in there? hiding in plain sight? huge impact, egregiously bad programming choice, ...? you'd think after that people would stop conferring magical properties to the presence of source code.

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I read "this software is secure because it is open source" and eyerolled so fast my hair caught on fire

as if Google weren't already contributing enough to burning up the planet, they're going to get into crypto too

every company and person whose profits increased by more than expectations during the pandemic is a pandemic profiteer and should give that money away at a minimum.

i will never care what elon musk has to say about anything

@walruslifestyle I went to give the network guy a handshake, but he only wanted me to help him fix a UDP issue.
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