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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

The power of game design is to get you emotionally invested in how dicerolls will affect spreadsheets

Google is a bad search engine. its results are bad. many times, most results are ads. or Google's own products.

like, it's objectively bad.

are you telling me an object orientated this program?

a "tooster" gently bakes your weird thoughts into toots

They motherfucking did it. Google is now blocking everyone in Denmark from hearing Danish music on YouTube.

Everyone else can hear our music but us.

What The Fuck.

Article from Danish Songwriter's Union in Danish:

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I like that discussing bikeshedding is an example of bikeshedding

1. none of the use case personas is "developer"," software engineer", "data scientist" or equivalent

2. all development work that does impact the roles listed in 1 is classified as chores, technical debt, or equivalent

3. no sprint consists of more than 10% of work of type 2 except explicit technical debt sprints, which do not affect velocity

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