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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

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In more "don't be evil" news...

"According to a Raleigh Police Department spokesperson, the requested account data was not limited to devices running Google’s Android operating system but rather all devices running any kind of location-enabled Google app. The department began using the tactic after learning about a similar search warrant in California’s Orange County, said this spokesperson."


i have successfully trained spamassassin to report google calendar alerts as spam

some of us like dogs once in awhile or at a distance but not in our office where we work

Jeff Bezos, stepping over a deceased Amazon worker: why isn't our logo on this

Citizens Against Sidewalk Chalk (CASC)

pls respect my right to freeze peach

how many spoonfuls of sugar make the capitalism go down

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I am still angry about this. I assume it's a rule imposed on my library by a publisher to create artificial scarcity and slurp more money out of the city

"white culture" as everything insulating white people from facing the horrors of their colonialism

the future is you can "borrow" an ebook from the library but you have to wait because they have a limited number of "copies" to lend and they're all out