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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

my cat has chosen the pandemic-induced toilet paper shortage as the right time to pick up the fun new habit of shredding toilet paper

my partner is teaching a university class online and i am eating cereal

I mean yeah Zoom is bad. but honestly, any product put out by a company head by or owned by billionaires is almost surely going to be bad. just stop using all this silicon valley garbage.

the US could hit 32% unemployment. that's a lot of folks who could be convinced there are better ways to live

over 10 million Americans lost their jobs in the last two weeks, but the stonks are going up again. if there was ever a time for guillotines, it's now.

You are trying to delete PERSONALITY.EXE. Are you sure you want to do that?

by passing this bill the US Senate just instituted oligarchy. this will make the rise in inequality after 2008 look quaint.

the US Federal government propping up its favorite businesses with cash every decade or so sure sounds like central planning without the plan

regarding last boost: why do all white dudes of a certain age pull that exact same shit? like down to the word I've heard the same condescending sentiments countless times before. it's... boring.


Oh I'm not just white. I'm really old! Nevertheless let the hate go.

I'm just saying the end of the world seems unlikely. Buck up.

The math was simple. If Obama was the antichrist, then, according to the Book of Revelation and the accompanying popular culture surrounding it, then surely Christ, who Hal Lindsay predicted, would join the battle between good and evil and swoop in at the moment of crisis to deliver the god-fearing faithful from certain doom.

Very few, I imagine, would have predicted that messiah to take the form of a self-obsessed reality television star.

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