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the admin of a Mastodon instance should be called a Mastodontist. thanks

*comes out of the woods*
*reads news*
*goes back into the woods*

I am going off the grid for a few days starting tomorrow and wow am I excited

how about a masto client that puts @ replies in CWs unless you approve that user

I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)

It’s always difficult admitting you’re wrong. But sometimes you have to in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So, today, I admit that I was wrong about Google, Facebook, & surveillance capitalism in general being toxic for our human rights and democracy … it simply cannot be true given how they are endorsed by some of the most well-respected organisations in the world.

‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed ‘harmful’ by American Psychological Association
– article:
'...The American Psychological Association (APA) officially labeled “traditional masculinity” as “harmful” in a new report.

The label is in the report titled “Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men,” a first of its kind for the association, which was featured in the January issue of “Monitor on Psychology” magazine.

“Traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict and negatively influence mental health and physical health,” according to an excerpt in the 36-page report...'

the .pdf report:

I guess "mobile first initiative" is how Google is sugarcoating its attempt to kill http/individually hosted web sites and turn the web into AMP pages hosted by Google

here's a cool video about it. first ten minutes are about the lively kernel. the rest is about cool things you can do with it.

I was playing with the lively kernel the other day and I think something like that it is how web programming ought to work. the potential of it is so amazing and the world lost something not having the web go that direction, in my opinion.

it seems like encryption is hacky authorization a lot of times. an authorization policy clearly states who can access what information and when. it enforces the policy with multiple mechanisms, including encryption. ideally, it also detects and alerts when the policy is violated.

when a service brags about encrypting stuff, what they're saying to me is that they've done the bare minimum to start keeping people from looking at stuff they shouldn't be. hacky.

starting to realize that I'm not going to feel comfortable having information about me on someone else's server unless they have an explicit authorization policy that is vetted by third parties. encryption is not enough.

look, what do I care if all life on earth goes extinct? I'll be filthy rich! /sarcasm

I finally finished my set of Solar System emoji!

:sun_photo: The Sun
:mercury_photo: Mercury
:venus_photo: Venus
:earth_photo: The Earth
:moon_photo: The Moon
:mars_photo: Mars
:jupiter_photo: Jupiter
:saturn_photo: Saturn
:uranus_photo: Uranus
:neptune_photo: Neptune
:pluto_photo: Pluto

sparkling water
& real squeezed fruit
yup, that's it.
you paid good money
for something you
could have made yourself
for pennies lol

me, sarcastically in 1999: i can't wait till the internet gets to be like TV and you have to watch ads before you look at anything lol

me today: crap

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