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First day I put a GoPro on my bike and someone tries to knock me off said bike. Garda who took my details asked me to pass on the footage.

Tsk. Whatever logged me out, I was trying to log back in to the wrong server.

(and as I typed that I noticed that the desktop client - MSTDN - has a button labelled "OOT!" instead of "TOOT!". The fediverse is disintegrating.)

Weirdly, my iPhone Mastodon client (Amaroq) has logged me out and I can't seem to log back in again. Desktop client is fine. Password recovery didn't send me an email. Seems like the iPhone client may be broken?

Her: "Why do you have pockets in your pajamas?"

Me: "So I can lord the patriarchy over you. Behold, my *pajamas* have pockets I don't need. Proper pockets. You can't even get proper pockets in your denims."

Giggling ensues.

Twice this evening I've inadvertently taken a screenshot while trying to type a euro sign.

13 years ago I walked into an incubator office on Thomas Street where the Site Manager handed me a laptop box with a post-it on it. “That’s your password”, he said, “I’m sure you can guess your username.”

Spam offering expertise in magnets. Tempted to reply asking, “how do they fucking work?”

Brief insight that Someone Of My Acquaintance might actually model his appearance after Joshua Tree-era Adam Clayton. Hilarious if true, both for the aspiration and the, er, inevitable failure.

Mostly I am finding Apple's Pages a decently uncomplicated word processor, but the image attachement/placement thing is still voodoo - there's a bit too much "we know what's best for you" and not enough room for me to disagree with it.

I might actually start posting stuff here. Then again I might not.

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