Possibly one of the best comedian responses I've read to the changing face of comedy: someone who seems to have come to his own conclusion that he needed to change rather than reacting to external pressure to do so, and who is all the more convincing for that.

(the bit about the apology is interesting; I'm not sure I agree with him entirely, but I definitely agree with his characterisation of most such apologies as coming across as less than genuine.)


We’ve done it! We’ve created the Artificial Chess Bully!

I'm assuming the answer is "more gratutitous nudity and violence"

Topical silliness for the day that’s in it.

“Oh, it’s Bastille Day. We should go storm a castle.”
“We can go to (local hotel built in a former castle)”
“*knocking* hello? We’re here to storm the castle?”
“(Sighs) Join the queue.”

It’s pretty on-brand for BoJo that he can’t even _resign_ without complicating it.

About the only thing he’s done right with the job.

I keep reloading the page but BoJo is still PM.

> Ian Poulter says he is "fighting for his right to play golf"

You Do Not Have A _RIGHT_ To Play Golf.

We make notes on our cookbooks based on actually trying out the recipes.

Cat has apparently identified my hoodie as a mortal enemy to be battled with.

"...and are you smart enough not to want to", the Guardian does not ask.

Round 2. So far Armagh have done less pissing but more parking in places they shouldn’t.

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