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Played with the threepenny-gui today. Starting with no knowledge, I could create a simple browser based UI for a commandline application I am working on, all in Haskell.

is there a filter on mastodon that allows you to view only posts that are hilarious or art or code and never see anyone ever say politics words to you (except esoteric art-politics from people willing to espouse dumb beliefs because the propaganda looks cool)

Would pay for a duolingo-like application for learning Indian languages. Sad that no one deemed it not business worthy.

Finding new people to follow is hard for newbies on any platform. I'm hoping that can help. What I need is people volunteering to be on lists so newbies can follow a bunch of people right away. Please reply to this post if you agree to be on a list. Feel free to suggest new lists that I haven't thought of. (Living in my own filter bubble, I know!) Please boost!
Also looking for more lists. 😃

Simon Marlow's async package is a thing of beauty!

Learned today that google scans receipts sent to gmail addresses to identify all your purchases (and shows users) see myaccount.google.com/purchases if you use gmail

Google owns duck.com and points it directly at Google search

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Worth reading even if only to find where you think it's wrong about .
(HN concluded it was a hit piece and promptly buried it.)

Interesting that Cory Doctorow posted an anti-Facebook article today.. In Locus.

Why is network programming so low level in ? Network programming looks like a breeze in Python's twisted library or in Go's net package.

May be more and more people should write real world haskell code than talking and writing only about the cool abstractions (not saying they are not important) possible in Haskell.

@rhiaro “I resent the control corporations have over people and their everyday lives. I hate the surveillance society we have accidently brought upon ourselves,” says Amy Guy, a coder from Scotland who helped build a platform called ActivityPub to connect decentralized Web sites. ― vanityfair.com/news/2018/07/th

hackers/users: I have a question. Does firefox/chromium on OpenBSD work with Google Hangout video calls?

I have been (implicitly) taught to have empathy. I learned about the word empathy much later in my life (english not being my first language). Even then, I thought empathy and sympathy are one and the same!

I think having empathy makes one's life miserable! Suddenly you are being bothered by everything happening around you and helplessness kicks in. And there are lots of people trying to exploit you in that situation.

I am learning the lessons the hard way.

This writeup of my #LibrePlanet2018 keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost! boingboing.net/2018/06/21/digi

Some ideas for FSF campaigns:

Try to persuade more people uploading to YouTube to select a CC license rather than the YouTube Standard license. This will more easily allow non-Youtube sites to copy and host the same content without legal problems.

General promotion of PeerTube.

Promote the fediverse as an alternative to Twitter/Facebook

At events or talks give a fediverse address in preference to a Twitter URL.

Maybe consider moving Savannah to Gitea, or running Gitea in addition.

Advocate for free software projects to not be hosted on Github.

I just learned that the #Debian #Gitlab instance is not limited to the Debian project but open for any Free Software project. In case you are looking for a (new) home, I think Debian is a great place to be. salsa.debian.org

Holy shit! Mes now compiles tinycc which compiles gcc!

The fully reproducible system is nearly upon us!