Weekend == ham radio fun. Learning a lot of fun stuff from Chuck Adam (K7QO)'s fun superhetrodyne receiver videos..


I wrote this in an online meeting at work today, and thought I'd inflict on the fediverse. The topic is striving for excellence.

I've learnt through bitter experience that it's rarely possible to fix
all problems at once. What works, in my experience, is frequent small
improvements. The trick is to have a vision of where one wants to end
up in, and every day find the next step towards that. And it's OK for
the vision to also change. This applies to life as well as software

woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

Extremely impressed with gitit, the wiki software that I am using as a personal diary/notebook for the past few weeks. I am using the web interface. It doesn't have too many features. The memory usage of the program is very low and it is very responsive. If anyone has needs to maintain a personal wiki, definitely give it a try.

There is this annual survey that was posted a week ago. If you work with haskell at work or at home for hobby projects, it doesn't hurt to fill this out. The deadline is on Nov 15th. It only takes 2-3 minutes to fill it out.


Running a small homeserver with chat, data sync and maybe email should be a small appliance everyone should have.

If you cannot admin it yourself consider projects like #freedombone.

Care for your loved ones online too, protect their data...

30 years ago a company in Bombay, Jetking I think, brought out a printed circuit board for a general coverage radio receiver, called an L-board because of the shape of the PCB.

I couldn't find the board anymore in the market, nor can I find the design. I don't have any copies of the one I had. What is the modern equivalent if I want to hand over these boards to interested people?

There is a used Icom 7300 available locally. It is a great radio.

But I am more inclined to to tinker with my own equipment. That is the small corner of the hobby that attracts me to amateur radio -- building simple equipment and test gear on our own and learning in the process and sharing our learning.

Trying to get back to amateur radio by building a uBitx radio. Antenna currently is a long wire.

I think this little shell script is a game changer for getting ghc and haskell goodness into the hands of more people: github.com/haskell/ghcup

I'll be doing another #haskell live coding session soon. What language extension do you want to see me struggle with this time?

RIP Norm Hardy, brain behind much of our understanding of object capabilities.

Their website is still up, lots to learn from: cap-lore.com/ cap-lore.com/CapTheory/

Some tributes here: forevermissed.com/normhardy/#a

Signal is testing out a new feature that encrypts message metadata. Once it's widely deployed, their server will facilitate delivering messages but without having access to who is sending them


Dear friends, please respect the zones while boarding a flight. They are there for a reason and you are not smart if you pretend to not see them! Thanks.

All these years of Unix and C programming, I never knew about alloca(3).

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