I use hledger for managing accounts of my small one-person company. Got a link to this software which looks nice too: homebank.free.fr/en/features.p

Putting code on github (or any such service that has to comply with US laws) now means we are excluding contributors from specific countries. That sounds harmful to me!

I have code on github too and I should do something about it. My VPS is possibly hosted on US datacenters too..

Two amazing courses discovered today:

1. MIT 6.004 "Computational Structures" (now based on risc-v) - youtube.com/watch?v=7P-LGEJS3A

2. Operating Systems course based on seL4: cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs9242/19/lec

No dearth of knowledge. Time is the most precious commodity...

Tox is really really cool. Did a group voice call with it and it is really nice!


Free Software. Both the parties need to be online since it is p2p.

This presentation by Tristan Harris was pretty nice (On Humane Technology) - vimeo.com/332340920

I broke the CPU fan push pins while trying to do some general cleanup and remove the accumulated dust and re-apply the heatsink compound .. So until a replacement arrives, it is probably a bit unsafe to use that machine for anything heavy duty.

Wonder whether designers of these little things thought of these failure modes.

A recent lesson learned the hard way: quality of the solder is very important. 63/37 Sn-Pb is the recommended one from experts.

I really wish Purism succeed in the marketplace. They seem sincere and doing a lot of right things (and probably wrong things but calling out only the wrong things do not seem to do anything good other than helping their competition). There was this company Neuros which was trying to build an entertainment system with Free (as in freedom) hardware and software. I am always reminded of them when I hear about Purism, except that Purism is already shipping great products.

Educational Vector network analyzer kit from minicircuits. Got excited until I saw the price.


Something that wasn't obvious to me until now.

RSS/Atom is a way to read a website offline. Or in other words, to make a website available for offline use, provide RSS/Atom feeds..

However, after the initial enthusiasm I am skeptical. I haven't read the spec, but it seems like RSS/Atom alone does not determine the offline use.. it depends on what is stuffed in the feed (partial or full content?) and how the client is designed - whether it fetches the full contents or only the headers..

Has anyone tried on macbookair 6.2? It has a broadcom 43xx based wireless card and it is supposed to work according to what I read but I would like some first hand experience. I don't expect the camera to work, that is fine.

A lot of people think that if you put some AOSP derived Android distro on your phone without Google stuff, they have a "free software" based phone. No that is not true. There are still tons of binaries you need to make the phone run. I am not talking about firmware blobs. For eg: Some (all?) qualcomm based devices need a power management daemon which is closed source. There are several such executables needed in order to keep the system running.

A friend of mine who has an IoT startup did exactly this to get rid of a memory leak.

"... Write a watchdog that will restart your broken app every 20 minutes.... Move fast, don’t fix." -


I keep reminding myself of this great graphic by Sarah Andersen whenever I do ... just about anything. BTW, Sarah is the copyright holder of this image.

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