Out of curiosity, has anyone got sources for early versions of GHC (like 0.10 or 0.16) ?

Everyone that is upset about the Linux stuff:

#Plan9 has cool stuff going on, it is decentralized, it is beautiful, it has some awesome potential, and it has been GPL'd for some time.

I recommend trying out mycroftiv's cool grid system, with LiveCD: http://9gridchan.org/ . It's based on 9front, which is actively developed and has Cirno as a mascot.

Personally, I have been way into Inferno for some time, which is a userspace port of Plan 9 with a bytecode VM and a language like Go but simpler.

Didn't occur to me that acme is almost an anagram of Emacs.

People in UK/Europe: I have a Haskell Exchange 2018 (Oct 11/12) early bird ticket for sale, as I won't be able to attend. Please DM me if you want to buy it.

Personal Mastery: If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must
be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.

-- Dan Ingalls

How do people cut rectangular holes on PCBs? I tried knifes but that does not seem to work well for me.

A few months ago, someone (@prashere ?) posted a link to a book on the Co-operative movement history in Kerala. Does anyone remember that book title?

Made a start yesterday on ubitx by cutting a few copper clad boards to make a custom enclosure. Very unhappy with what I got. The edges need a lot of work. :-(

this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

This was mainly because my N900 is dead. It was possible to copy the mp3s to it, and I had installed cmus on it and remapped the keys so that I could use it perfectly without looking away from the road. I could control it remotely through a stupid Tk application I wrote.

Mobile devices are a horrible mess. The screens got bigger, and the CPUs/GPUs got fatter, but this was only used for ~CONTENT~ and you can't make them useful or use them to create anything.

I spent half the day in the car trying to use a stupid iThing without looking at it to constantly click "Yes, play some music" because it is useless as an mp3 player and I can't figure out how to get the mp3s onto it anyway.

I refactored a whole bunch of code that returned an `IO a' into `IO (Either Error a)' and invented my own Error type for each module etc..

But then I read an article somewhere which reminded me that this is basically the implicit contract of `IO a' (that it may also throw any exception).

I still feel more comfortable returning an `IO (Either a b)' value than an `IO a', so I think it was well worth the time.

µBitx ordered. Next up is going to be to get the antenna in a proper position and tune it.

It took a bunch of coast to coast flights and some weekends and I'm still not happy, but this is as done as it's ever gonna be: 10 kilowords on how and why you can and should learn Common Lisp: stevelosh.com/blog/2018/08/a-r

"Purse.io and Private Internet Access provided Handshake with the funding to launch decentralized market for Internet names.

The Handshake organizers said that they received much more than they needed to get started and so decided to reinvest $10.2 million dollars back into free software by gifting it to FLOSS developers and projects, as well as non profit organizations and universities that support free software development."

@conservancy for example, got $200K

whoa 😮

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