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OK, I wired up my inverted V antenna again and this time at a 20ft high mast and a wider angle.

Minutes after powering up the radio, heard VU2UKN, Unni from Thiruvalla, around 700km down south of Bangalore calling CQ and answered it. Got a nice 579 report with 5W output. Not too bad. 🙂

A friend of mine who has an IoT startup did exactly this to get rid of a memory leak.

"... Write a watchdog that will restart your broken app every 20 minutes.... Move fast, don’t fix." -

I keep reminding myself of this great graphic by Sarah Andersen whenever I do ... just about anything. BTW, Sarah is the copyright holder of this image.

Funniest thing I have seen today is this marketing video of a ... terminal, which emulates a 1970s teletype. An essential read:

And the video:

One of the hardest parts of being a computer programmer is in explaining to non-programmers, what we do and how our typical work day look like.

Got a 0.96" 128x64 OLED display. There is a 4 pin interface to it (Vcc, Gnd, SCL, SDA). Going to make a clock/temperature display with it using an arduino.

Any recommendations for a light weight Morse Paddle for travel/portable operations? Right now, I have an old bencher BY-1, which is pretty heavy by design, which is very good, but not great for carrying around.

I like to do my daily morse code sending practice sessions where ever I am and don't want to miss it.

Finally, I am able to receive signals from the Es'hail satellite, all the way from 36000 kms in the sky! Pretty nice feeling. Setup at the moment is:
1. 70 cm ku-band satellite dish (the one I am using is from the Sun HD tv DTH transmission)
2. homebrew Bias-Tee (used to feed 12v into the LNB)
3. SOLID-brand LND (Rs. 300 via
4. 75 ohm RG-8 TV cable - Rs. 13 per meter available from the local cable tv shop.
5. RTL SDR dongle.
6. On the software side- OpenWebRx.

Mujeres en la ciencia

>> Katie Bouman is part of an international team of astronomers that's creating the world's largest telescope to take the very first picture of a black hole.


Got a 70cm diameter dish antenna, cables, connectors, LNB etc and assembled the antenna in preparation to receive signals from the QO-100 satellite. Next step is to put together a Bias-Tee that can supply 12v to the LNB but cut off DC to the radio. Hopefully this week, I will be able to receive signals from the satellite.

A Lesson learned from mistakes: Make a table of all the wire gauge for each inductor/transformer, number of turns and the toroid type/colour, take stock of them and organize them before starting any ham radio homebrew/kit-building project.

I also wish kit building instructions specify the inductance values in addition to "N turns of X SWG wire on Txx toroid". That way, people who have equipment can measure values than just following the instructions.

"You know how the \hat command in LaTeΧ puts a caret above a letter? ... Well I was thinking it would be funny if someone made a package that made the \hat command put a picture of an actual hat on the symbol instead?"

And then Matthew Scroggs and Adam Townsend went ahead and did it.

Package at, behind-the-scenes commentary at
> More than anything, the X210 demonstrates just how much potential is being squandered by laptop manufacturers. If a small group in Shenzhen can make this #laptop, #Lenovo or #Apple should be able to build something far better. Instead they make laptops with integrated batteries, fewer ports, soldered RAM, sub-par keyboards, and touchbars. Many professionals want something better.

Using email as an online identity is a bad idea. Not as stupid as using a phone number, but still bad.

Why? Because you can't own an email address forever.

Either you pay for the domain, or pay someone who has the domain, or get it for free from someone who has the domain.

If you get it for free from someone, that someone can delete your account at any time.

If you pay for it, you may one month/year forget or be unable to pay, and then you lose it. Most likely forever.

Once upon a time, FOSS enthusiasts were so concerned about Microsoft, that they recommended everyone use GMail and Google Apps.

Today the same crowd hates Google, so they recommend $SERVICE instead...

As long as $SERVICE is a provider in the cloud, on somebody else's computer, I'm shaking my head.

Many of the things being recommended are even more proprietary and locked-down than Google's stuff is!

Fighting monopolies is good. But don't lie to yourself that this helps software freedom.

Building this Universal radio kit for 40m with the 10 year old. Building it in the reverse - from audio amp to rf preselector so that each stage can be tested by listening to the audio output.

I am consciously trying to not fall into the "hoarding parts" trap with the ham radio hobby that I fell into during my past innings with it. i.e. You see a project, you start collecting parts, some of them arrive in a few weeks. By then some money has been spent. By the time the components arrive, you are into some other busy phase in your life, you put the project in back burner. After a few months/years, you rediscover the parts, but do not recall why you bought them.

The more I write Rust, the more I like Haskell. The abstractions in the Haskell 'async' package are absolutely beautiful.

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