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Remember when used to have a motto of Don't Be Evil?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

I assume people here on Mastodon want their personal data safe from Facebook and Google. If you do, try out the Brave browser. It locks that data DOWN and has a great built-in ad block that can pay YOU.
Use my link to try it out and it helps me a little!

If they’re going to make movies based on video games, why not try it with Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins? That could work.

Rewatching the original V miniseries from 1983. God damn, is it the same shit we're going through right now! Daniel is the very model of the entitled alt-right incel.

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Finally got my back. It has been out of commission for just over 4 months. The blame on the delay falls 50/50 on the insurance company and body shop. It took EIGHT WEEKS just to determine whether my car was totaled! Of course, the full blame is on the uninsured idiot who ran the red light and hit me. The car rentals sucked up all the free cash we had but, for now, we’re just happy to have the car back. And with the v10 software, it’s like a whole new

Frozen and Defying Gravity are the same song from the view of the protagonist in the story.

welp..... Looks like like I'm selling my huge coffee table book. I had heard was a big Trumper but, after using the latest shooting to plug his app, I checked out the comment section on his strips. UGH. When did this happen? Goodbye.

Ever wonder what my horror show is like? Here's our first episode of Season 8 back in May... Why it's only now being posted is because I have no spare time anymore.

An idiot ran a red light and hit me today. My daughter and I are fine. My Tesla (Mjolnir) protected us and is at the body shop. The worse thing is that, because Teslas are rare, it might take anywhere from a week to 2 months for parts. We have a show this weekend and, worse, a convention next weekend.
The idiot was uninsured. At least he admitted fault and the built-in dashcam showed my insurance I was 100% not at fault.

Has anyone on here seen The Minus Man? I remember when it came out but I've never heard of anyone who's seen it or remember it.

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My baby girl has been sleeping on me all afternoon. Sweet and adorable, yes. productive for me? No.

If you need some entertainment for Christmas, my youtube channel is streaming a '50s-style sci-fi movie for 24 hours! Stop in and watch DANNY JOHNSON SAVES THE WORLD!

There were reports of break-ins in my condo complex. I wasn't that worried before but now that I have a baby in the house (and a really nice car), I need to keep them safe. Since I go back to work tomorrow, I installed a security system. Never thought I'd do that before.

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We drove the Tesla around today. It was very crazy! The most advanced car I've ever even touched, let alone own.

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