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familial death 

My aunt died yesterday 😞 on her own birthday

My dad's oldest and youngest siblings are now both dead

Gonna head to Mass sooner than expected for the arrangements

Love the descriptions of Old Testament accurate angels. Seraphim are always on fire, have three pairs of wings (two to cover their faces, two to cover their feet and two to fly) and they're constantly shouting praises to God. Terrifying

Morning library nerds. This weekend I’m putting together my long-promised public library map (Victoria, hopefully more states and territories to follow).

Other than whether they charge fines or not, what data would be useful to map?

On Dijkstra (from HN):

> It is remarkable how much he contravened modern academic norms: no work to bring in external funding, relatively few papers, very little collaboration, almost no PhD students. It's not an exaggeration to say that a young researcher with these characteristics today would likely get fired from any high-ranked American research university before even coming up for tenure review. Perhaps our modern academic metrics of merit are missing something?

Posting about weed for one of the first times on the birbsite, let's see how it shakes out :anime_glasses:

Today's gender is loneliness and the sound of the first three bars of FΓΌr Elise, over and over.

uspol, cannabis law 

Weed legalized in a few states! That's pretty cool.

my talk went well and now i am off to smoke the devil's lettuce because fuck today otherwise

important information for anyone at protests, #dcprotests, us-pol, boosts+++ 

:boost_ok:​ :boost_ok:​ :boost_ok:​

For anyone planning on protesting and especially in DC please please please remember:

always have an extra means and multiple routes to get home! Especially if you're relying on public transit or bikeshare.

Transit could be shut with little to no notice, bikeshare or scooters can be locked remotely.

#wmata service hours are currently also reduced

Specific Bus Routes:

I have some examples of what I mean by multiple routes here:

Please read this guide from the EFF and please take their advice seriously. Tracking devices like Stingerays ( will almost certainly be deployed.

Here's an important guide from a group of political scientists and others on opposing attempted coups. We can do this.

Wear a fucking mask. It's still a criminally mismanged pandemic.
Stay safe. Godspeed.

Pratt adjuncting news, $$, - 

> As you may be aware, UFCT members voted and agreed to an MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) on October 14, 2020, to defer the 3.25% general wage increase retroactively from September 1, 2020 to September 1, 2021. Please note that the 3.25% increase you have already received this semester will be deducted from your October 30, 2020 through December 23, 2020 paychecks in equal installments to avoid overpayment.

well I was not aware and this is a huge fucking bummer

I go to my window after having vivid nightmares. "Hey, boy!! What day is it??" "Eh??? Why, it's election day!!" "WHAT. OH FUCK OFF THEN. WHY DID I BOTHER."

how did viking ships communicate with one another? 

norse code

EFF: The Github youtube-dl Takedown Isn't Just a Problem of American Law

Tragically for Internet users everywhere, the RIAA was not citing DMCA Section 512, the usual takedown route, but DMCA Section 1201, the ban on breaking digital locks. And the failures of that part of American law that can allow a rightsholder to intimidate an American company into an act of global censorship are coded into more than just the U.S. legal system. ...

Since 1996, over 100 countries have signed onto the WIPO Copyright Treaty. The Treaty itself uses notably less harsh language in what it requires from its signatories than the DMCA. ...

EFF has a long-term plan to beat the anti-circumvention laws, wherever they are, which we call Apollo 1201. But we need help from a global movement to finally revoke this ongoing attack on the world's creators, innovators, and consumers.

HN discussion:


I welcome all steeplechase runners who want a slight challenge to step up.

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