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Oracle vs Google (a software copyright case that has huge implications for preservation and freedom being heard in the Supreme Court) oral arguments being streamed now:

the people who think "skill" is editing code without a mouse are likely the same folks who never test their websites using only a keyboard. makes you think. πŸ€”

I've been a librarian for 6 years. I graduated from my MLIS in 2014. Then was placed first at the AMNH for a 9 month NDSR residency, then at NYU as full-time since then.

Wild to think about.

Meg said BUFFY NO ANGEL πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

every song is better than the last:

But also I have someone coming in later in the semester to talk about how to negotiate their job offers so hopefully that will help them not to as I did

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My students called me out for doing the job of 3 people and they're right :blobouin:

Interested in our User Experience Designer position at Stanford Libraries? Read more about what you’ll be working on, the team on which this sits, and our work. Apply by October 31 for earliest consideration. Contact me if you have any questions. (

I need to write my lecture for tonight but I just want to lay down in a dark room for the afternoon instead.

also, knowing the source code for the OS you are writing an emulator for is just sitting there does take some of the fun out of it, I admit.

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leaking the Windows source code in order to package it with Bill Gates conspiracy theory misinfo was not the software preservation event I had predicted

latest example of this, is my devops professor saying open source "recently gaining traction and before that it was unheard of to share code"

you ever just want to say "everything about that is wrong" ?

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people trying me 

the best way I can describe it is "mental chafe" when I hear people who think they know more than me about a topic (but in reality they are not even close) explain something to me

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people trying me 

getting increasingly frustrated with people ignoring my expertise this week

Hey, geek & #running friends!

Is there a #FOSS tool that reads #GPX and provides an analysis dashboard similar to Garmin Connect/Strava?

I don't care if desktop- or Web based, as long as it's self-hostable.

Or should I write a bunch of pandas/matplotlib scripts for this?

similarly, we shouldn't fix student proctoring systems... we should get rid of exams.

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7 hours of meetings in a row today, and people wonder why I blow past most of my deadlines πŸ™ƒ

Hey y'all, does anyone have experience selling art from a place like RedBubble or Teepublic or something? Do you have somewhere you prefer? and if you're bought some how was the quality of the stuff?

Boosts rly appreciated here!

If I was an AR/VR researcher all I'd be doing is trying to replicate the yu-gi-oh system

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